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Search for web map by keyword

This sample demonstrates how find portal items by using a keyword, and limit the results to items of a certain type - in this case, web maps.

How it works

  1. A Portal is created with no credential set, when the app starts, the portal is loaded.
  2. A search bar allows the user to enter a keyword (a tag) to search for - e.g. "usa".
  3. The search term is passed as the searchString for a PortalQueryParametersForItems which also has the itemType set to PortalItemType::WebMap. NOTE if multiple item types are required these can be set via the types property. Since webmaps authored prior to July 2nd, 2014 are not supported, a date filter is also applied.
  4. The query parameters are passed to the portal's findItems method.
  5. Once the findItems task is complete, a PortalQueryResultSetForItems is obtained by calling findItemsResult on the portal.
  6. The PortalItemListModel from the items result is set on a ListView to display the set of web maps. If many web maps match the search criteria, the results will contain only the 1st set (to allow "paging" through the results in batches).
  7. If there are additional results, a subsequent query can be issued by clicking the "More Results" button. This passes the itemResult's nextQueryParameters object to a new findItems operation.
  8. When the user double-clicks on a web map in the list, the PortalItem is loaded and set as a Map on the MapView
  9. If the item is secured, the user may be prompted to login via the AuthenticationView


  • Portal
  • PortalQueryParametersForItems
  • PortalQueryResultSetForItems
  • PortalItemListModel
  • PortalItem
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