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Show organization basemaps

This sample demonstrates how to load a Portal and then use the organization's predefined basemaps query to get all basemaps. Thumbnails for these basemaps are then shown in a picker, to allow the user to select a basemap for use in a Map in a MapView.

How it works

  1. The user is prompted to load a portal anonymously or with a log-in.
  2. A Portal is then loaded - if the user chose to log-in in step 1, this uses a Credential of type OAuth.
  3. When the app starts, the portal is loaded and if required, the AuthenticationManager issues a challenge for the supplied credential type.
  4. The user is presented with an AuthenticationView which allows them to log-in.
  5. After a successful load, a request is made to fetchBasemaps from the portal instance.
  6. When the basemaps are successfully retrieved, the portal's BasemapListModel is passed to a QML GridView.
  7. A delegate shows each basemap's title and thumbnail image.
  8. When the user double-clicks on a Basemap in the list, a Map is created using this (unloaded) item.
  9. The map is then loaded and once the operation is complete it is set on a MapView to show the user's selected basemap.
  10. A back button allows the user to return to the list of basemaps.


  • Portal
  • Credential
  • AuthenticationManager
  • BasemapListModel
  • Map
  • MapView