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Token authentication

This sample demonstrates how to access a map service that is secured with ArcGIS token-based authentication.

How it works

A map service that is secured with ArcGIS token-based authentication is added to the map's operational layers. Next, the AuthenticationView component from the ArcGIS Runtime Toolkit is added to the QML layout, and its authenticationManager property is set to the AuthenticationManager singleton. The AuthenticationView handles all of the authentication challenges that are issued, automatically displays the appropriate view, and continues the challenge with the user provided credential. In order to access the AuthenticationManager from the QML side, it must first be registered as a QML type, and then exposed as a Q_PROPERTY. When the map loads and attempts to load the secured map service, a challenge is issued, the UserCredentialsView is automatically displayed by the AuthenticationView, and the user can then provide the username and password for this resource. In this case, the username is user1 and the password is also user1.


  • AuthenticationManager
  • AuthenticationChallenge
  • AuthenticationView
  • Map
  • MapView
  • ArcGISMapImageLayer