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Local server services

Demonstrates how to start and stop the Local Server and start and stop a local map, feature, and geoprocessing service running on the Local Server.

Note: Local Server is not supported on macOS.

How to use the sample

Click Start Local Server to start the Local Server. Click Stop Local Server to stop the Local Server. The Map Service combo box lets you to pick a local service that is available. After browsing for the desired file, click Start Service to start the selected service. When the running service's Url appears, select it and click Open Url. To stop this running service, click Stop Service.

How it works

To start a LocalServer and start a LocalService to it:

  1. Create it with LocalServer::instance and use LocalServer::start() to start the server asynchronously.
  2. LocalServer::statusChanged() fires whenever the running status of the Local Server changes. Wait for the server to be in the LocalServerStatus::STARTED state.
  3. Create and run a local service. Here is an example of running a LocalMapService:
    • new LocalMapService(Url) creates a local map service with the given URL path to map package (mpk or mpkx file).
    • LocalMapService::start() starts the service asynchronously.
    • The service is added to the LocalServer automatically.

To stop a LocalServer and stop any LocalServices that are added to it:

  1. Get any services that are currently running on the local server with LocalServer::services().
  2. Loop through all services and stop the selected service (from the dropdown) if it is started.
  3. Use LocalService::status() to check if the service's status is LocalServerStatus::STARTED.
  4. LocalService::stop() stops the service asynchronously.
  5. LocalService::statusChanged() fires whenever the running status of the local service has changed. Wait for all services to be in the LocalServerStatus::STOPPED state.
  6. Stop the local server with LocalServer::stop().


  • LocalFeatureService
  • LocalGeoprocessingService
  • LocalMapService
  • LocalServer
  • LocalServerStatus
  • LocalService

Offline Data

Read more about how to set up the sample's offline data here.

Link Local Location
PointsOfInterest map package <userhome>/ArcGIS/Runtime/Data/mpk/PointsofInterest.mpk
MessageInABottle geoprocessing package <userhome>/ArcGIS/Runtime/Data/mpk/MessageInABottle.gpk
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