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Raster rendering rule

This sample demonstrates how to create an ImageServiceRaster, fetch the RenderingRules from the service info, and use a RenderingRule to create an ImageServiceRaster and add it to a raster layer.

How it works

When the sample starts, an ImageServiceRaster is created and added to a RasterLayer. The RasterLayer is then added to the map as an operational layer. Connect to the loadStatusChanged signal for the ImageServiceRaster. Once the ImageServiceRaster is loaded, the RenderingRuleInfos are fetched. Iterate over each item in the RenderingRuleInfos to get the rendering rule name and populate a data model using the names. This becomes the model for the combo box. When an item from the combo is selected and apply is pressed, the RenderingRuleInfo for the selected index is fetched from the service info. A RenderingRule object is created using the RenderingRuleInfo and applied to a newly created ImageServiceRaster. The ImageServiceRaster is then added to the RasterLayer.


  • Map
  • ImageServiceRaster
  • RenderingRuleInfo
  • RenderingRule
  • RasterLayer
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