Briefing Book is an application that allows users to view and create map-based briefings and reports with interactive content.
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briefing-book (retired)

This briefing book repo has been moved to the Retired Lifecycle Phase, applications built from this repo are in the retired lifecycle phase.

The best replacement for Briefing Books is using ArcGIS apps There are many different applications that can be configured in ArcGIS Online without downloading the application. However, if you want to host the application on your own server or customize any of these apps then check out ArcGIS apps repo’s here


Briefing Book is a configuration of ArcGIS and a JavaScript application that allows users to view and create map-based briefings and reports with interactive content.

This application can be deployed by local, state, and national governments; utilities, NGOs, as well as private industries; to create and deliver dynamic and interactive briefings and reports for executives, decision-makers, knowledge-workers, and constituents.

The Briefing Book can be used to create new briefings and reports that include ArcGIS maps, videos, photos, and written text. The briefings and reports are stored in your ArcGIS Online Organization or Portal for ArcGIS site and can be shared with members of your organization or the general public. The Briefing Book presents briefings and reports you author on a single bookshelf optimized for tablet devices.

[Image of Briefing Book application]


  • Create briefings and reports including ArcGIS maps, videos, photos, and written text
  • Share books with the public or individuals


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