Esri's official color documentation repository that is leveraged by Calcite Web and all other Esri initiatives.
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Calcite Colors

saturated color wheel

The calcite-colors repository is where we host Esri's official color documentation that can be seen and is leveraged by Calcite Web. Currently, this repository contains a SASS file that you can use in your projects.

Color reference files

The following links are to download the .ase swatch for use in Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Additionally, there is a PDF download of the visual reference color palette.

SASS Variables file

A SASS variables file can be found in the root directory colors.scss. This is the main source to consume the color variables.

JSON file

A simple JSON file is also included in the root directory colors.json. This file includes a simple object containing every color of the palette as key value pairs.

Colors naming anatomy

colors naming anatomy


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Contributing to Calcite Colors

Please read the contribute document.