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@patrickarlt patrickarlt released this Aug 20, 2014 · 1194 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • L.esri.Tasks.Identify has been renamed to L.esri.Tasks.IdentifyFeatures. This is to reduce confusion with L.esri.Tasks.IdentifyImage and to clearly delineate what these 2 classes do.


  • Logo position can now be controlled by using the logoPosition option on L.esri.BasemapLayer #210
  • Logo can now be hidden entirely and re-added to the map with the L.esri.Controls.Logo class. If you use Esri map tiles you must display the Esri Logo!
  • Fix a regression from Beta 4 where features could not be loaded from ArcGIS Server if they were in non-mercator references. #283 #322
  • The addFeature, removeFeature, updateFeature methods will no longer throw errors when callbacks are omitted. #285
  • deleteFeature now properly removes the feature from the map so it will now appear after zooming or panning. #284
  • New createfeature, addfeature and removefeature events on L.esri.FeatureLayer. #282
  • L.esri.Tasks.Query now supports Map Services and Image Services with the new query.layer(id) and query.pixelSize(point) params respectively
  • New L.esri.Tasks.Find task for searching feature text in Map Services #287. Thanks @rdjurasaj-usgs!
  • Support for image services via L.esri.Layers.ImageMapLayer. Thanks @rdjurasaj-usgs and @tomwayson
  • L.esri.Tasks.IdentifyImage for identifying images. Thanks @tomwayson.


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