Geoportal Server next generation search application and metadata catalog, based on elasticsearch.
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As part of the evolution of Geoportal Server, the catalog capability has been separated into its own module. This is because there are use cases where the catalog can be used without the need for harvesting or even metadata editing.

This repository thus contains the catalog capability of Geoportal Server, while it's sibling geoportal-server-harvester is the new harvester of Geoportal Server.

Releases and Downloads

  • 2.6.1 - Released October 9, 2018, click here for release notes and downloads.

Can't Wait to Get Started?

  • Try the sanbox site and learn what Geoportal 2 is all about!


  • Metadata editor - Create and edit metadata in ArcGIS Metadata, FGDC, ISO 19115 (Data), ISO 19119 (Service), ISO 19115-2 (Imagery and Gridded Data), INSPIRE (Data), INSPIRE (Service), GEMINI (Data), GEMINI (Service)
  • Faceted Search - Configure different facets to allow your user to filter from the hay stack to the needle
  • Scalability - Thank you elasticsearch for providing multi-node configuration support
  • OGC CSW 3.0.0 - Standards compliant catalog service interface
  • Many metadata formats - Extend the configuration with your favorite XML format
  • Built-in Viewer - Use the app we include or build one using Web AppBuilder and hook it up!
  • No more database - Yes that's a feature!


  • Elasticsearch 5.0 or higher
  • Tomcat 8



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  • Please refer to the Wiki.


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