Geoportal Server 1.2.7 What's New

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Geoportal Server 1.2.7 adds the following major features and improvements (see Release Notes for full details):

  • Support for CSW 3.0: With Geoportal Server 1.2.7, metadata within geoportal server repository can be searched through CSW 3.0 end point, the url pattern is http://server:port/geoportal/csw3?... a new openSearchDescription (http://[host]:[port]/geoportal/openSearchDescriptionCsw30) has been provided for CSW 3.0 as well.
  • Created "GeoportalSearch" and "AddToMap" widget based on ArcGIS WebAppBuilder: These two widgets enable user to search geoportal metadata repositories within WAB application, it is also possible to configure Geoportal Server to use the WAB application as the map viewer, see Configure-Widgets.
  • Enhanced support for DCAT: Added capability for harvesting DCAT, and DCAT output has been enhanced for dataQuality, modified, issued, rights, landingPage, describedBy, describedByType, and date related fields.
  • Support for robots.txt: Added support for robots.txt when using Geoportal Server for harvesting, see Being-a-Good-Robot
  • Enhancements to harvesting: Added ability to harvest metadata to a local folder, harvest geoportal resources to ArcGIS Portal, define suspension period after unsuccessful harvests, set agent http header...
  • Enhancements to metadata editing: including publishing metadata in draft mode, duplicating metadata record for editing (e.g. use it as the starting template for another similar record), making individual records editable, giving administrator ability to edit records published by others...

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