The GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools for spatial analysis of big data.
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2013 NYC Taxi data aggregated The GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools that leverage the Spatial Framework for Hadoop for spatial analysis of big data. The tools make use of the Geoprocessing Tools for Hadoop toolbox, to provide access to the Hadoop system from the ArcGIS Geoprocessing environment.

What's New


  • Sample tools that demonstrate full stack implementations of all the resources provided to solve GIS problems using Hadoop

GIS Tools Breakdown

Resources for building custom tools


Start out by navigating to samples and following the instructions provided with each sample.There are also tutorials for using the GP tools and aggregation methods.


Requirements will differ depending on the needs of each tool. At a minimum, you will need:

Other requirements may include:

Additional requirements will be spelled out by individual tools.



Find a bug or want to request a new feature? Please let us know by submitting an issue.


Esri welcomes contributions from anyone and everyone. Please see our guidelines for contributing


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