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Welcome to the gis-tools-for-hadoop wiki! Here you will find some tutorials on using gis-tools for-hadoop to help get you started.

You will want to try out the samples first, to make sure everything is set up properly.

To get a general overview of the toolset, check out the front page.


  • GIS Tools for Hadoop for Beginners: A tutorial for anyone new to Hadoop. A very quick intro on how to setup your own cluster using a virtual machine (we use VirtualBox with the Hortonworks Sandbox) and begin using GIS Tools for Hadoop.

  • Aggregating CSV Data (Spatial Binning): This tutorial goes through the steps of aggregating big data into square bins to simplify the information.

  • Correcting Projection in ArcGIS : This tutorial goes through two methods of making sure unprojected data from HDFS is properly projected in ArcMap.

  • Getting the results of a Hive query into ArcGIS: This tutorial goes through the steps of using the Geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS to move your data from HDFS to ArcMap, where you can then display your data, as well as perform further analysis.

  • Getting a Feature Class into HDFS: This tutorial goes through the steps of moving local data (stored as .shp or a feature class) to HDFS, which allows you to complete distributed analytics.

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