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demo Reorg'ed to support 4.x May 3, 2016 Update links to "The Definitive TypeScript Guide" Oct 30, 2018
arcgis-js-api.d.ts Update for ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 3.29 Jul 3, 2019
demo.html updates for 3.21 and 4.4 Jul 6, 2017
tsconfig.json Reorg'ed to support 4.x May 3, 2016


The arcgis-js-api.d.ts file provides type definitions for ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

A copy of this file is also available at DefinitelyTyped and may be installed using the command:
npm install --save @types/arcgis-js-api@3



The TypeScript demo app has been compiled using: $ tsc -m amd demo/main.ts Switch to the gh-pages branch to see the JavaScript output files.


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