The Transportation 511 Script is used to keep the contents of a Feature Collection up to date. Please see
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Overwrite Hosted Features

The Overwrite Hosted Features script can be used to keep the contents of a Feature Collection up to date with information from your source data.

An example of the Overwrite Hosted Features script in use is in the Transportation 511 viewer, which can by used by departments of transportation to monitor the status of incidents, accidents and roadway conditions. Transportation 511 services are used to provide content to the Transportation 511 application. To support variable load, roadway condition data will be exported into a Feature Collection in ArcGIS Online and used in the application configuration. The Overwrite Hosted Features script can be used to keep the Transportation 511 Feature Collection contents up to date with information from the Incident Management System.


  • Use the update script to keep the Feature Collection contents up to date


Start using this this tool now by downloading this repository as a .zip file and unzip to a suitable location or clone the repository with a git tool. Requirements for using the script include

  • Python version 2.7.x or version 3.4. If you are using Python 2.7.8 or earlier, download and install pip.
  • A zipped file geodatabase containing data with which the Feature Collection will be updated
  • The URL to your ArcGIS Online Organization, and the username and password for the owner of the feature service and feature collection

For more information on requirements and steps, see Transportation 511 help.


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