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Welcome to the solutions-geoprocessing-toolbox wiki!


Repository POCs:

Primary: Matt

  • Creates Releases and Tags

Secondary: Lyle

  • Backup when Primary is away

Issue Labels

Issues get flagged with these to help us sort what's going on, where things are at, and who is working on them.


When issues are logged they should be given a type. There may be more than one of these at a time, and they may change.

Label Description
B - Bug Something doesn't work as documented, and needs to be fixed to work as documented.
B - As Designed
B - Can't Reproduce We tried to see the same problem by working through the same steps, but cannot. Often this might be because of system-specific or data-specific issues.
B - Duplicate This is a duplicate of an existing issue
B - Enhancement This is an improvement or extension how something is documented to work.
B - Help Wanted Another set of eyes is needed to figure out what is wrong, or how to resolve it.
B - Invalid Not really a bug.
B - Known Issue This is a known problem, and might be for some time. Usually when we need something to be fixed by another team.
B - Question Not really a bug, but a question, perhaps how something is supposed to work.
B - Won't Fix This is when we are not able to fix an issue. Not really a great place to be and it's rare, but it happens.


These labels are a status label for where an issue is in our work process.

Label Description
0 - Backlog The issue has just begun its journey in our work order backlog system.
1 - Impeded Work has stopped because of outside factors, eg. we're waiting for something from another team.
2 - In Progress This issue is actively being worked on.
3 - Verify A fix has been made, but needs to be tested.
4 - Done YAY! The fix has been tested to work.


These are for sorting how important it is to have an issue fixed. And, no, not everything is high priority.

Label Description
priority - high This must be fixed soon, if possible in the current milestone. Usually when a tool does not work at all.
priority - moderate This should be fixed soon. When a tool fails under certain conditions, but still operates in most cases.
priority - low Usually for enhancements, ideas, etc.


These are for internal sorting of issues and which group they will go to in the Solutions division.

Label Description
G - Emergency Management Team For ArcGIS for Emergency Management
G - Intelligence Team For ArcGIS for Intelligence
G - Local Government Team For ArcGIS for Local Government
G - Military Team For ArcGIS for the Military
G - Release Team For internal release processes
G - State Government Team For ArcGIS for State Government
G - Utilities For ArcGIS for Utilities


Our goal is to create releases at least every three months (March, June, September, December). Our milestones try to reflect a tentative schedule for releases and what issues will be fixed. We use three basic milestone 'bins' to organize and prioritize our work.

Milestone Description
Version - Next This is the current work that is going to be in the next scheduled release.
Version - After Next When we know that something cannot get done in Version - Next or when we have an Enhancement it will often go here.
Version - Deferred This is where we put ideas, and longer term development

While we try to add the Issues to the most appropriate milestone things change (and we are people too). So issues can move around depending upon ArcGIS release schedules and core tool fixes, etc.

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