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  1. esri-leaflet

    A lightweight set of tools for working with ArcGIS services in Leaflet.

    JavaScript 951 660

  2. terraformer

    A geographic toolkit for dealing with geometry, geography, formats, and building geo databases

    JavaScript 474 110

  3. geometry-api-java

    The Esri Geometry API for Java enables developers to write custom applications for analysis of spatial data. This API is used in the Esri GIS Tools for Hadoop and other 3rd-party data processing so…

    Java 379 171

  4. gis-tools-for-hadoop

    The GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools for spatial analysis of big data.

    358 195

  5. arcgis-runtime-samples-android

    ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android Samples

    Java 341 911

  6. bootstrap-map-js

    A light-weight JS/CSS extension for building awesome mapping apps with Bootstrap and ArcGIS.

    HTML 314 372

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