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2D C++ GUI application for SCADA / HMI / SMART HOME / PLC / CN control systems
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EGE2D-fedora-dependencies list.txt
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EGE2D is a fast GUI library designed mainly for industrial environment and smart home, 
but also for any application it requires a GUI, as an easier alternative to Qt for example.
More in general it support automation in the way it supply an interfaces to devices 
to be controlled like HMI and SCADA systems. 
The integration is fast and easy and the same application can run on many platforms 
like Linux,Windows,Mac,Web through browsers (so it can run also on any mobile device).
As example a compiled implementation on the web is
As target we want to complete the application in order to support also CN control systems for any pourposes.

The library is based on OpenGL-ES2/3 for porting reasons. With a few effort will also run under DirectX and Metal 
(future feature if needed). 
Due to the nature of the application, the display image (what application user see) is calculated in CPU 
(with low resources uses) and send to GPU card each time refresh required, keeping high frame rate (more than 24fps)
for mouse and keyboard handling also on browsers and mobile devices.

The documentation is self explained into code and we are providing progressive tutorials in order to keep simple 
to begin and master as easier as possible and in a few time also for students. 
(we are working on this, be patient a bit please). 
We are interested also to be in contact with teachers if they have comments and/or suggestments.
The idea on the ground is the application must be usefull for much users as possible.

INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION (on linux)  -  (we are preparing .bat installation for windows users also, wait just a bit)

1) Install dependencies as described in document "EGE2D-xxx-dependencies list.txt" according with your system

2) Execute : 
      chmod +rwx 
      chmod +rwx
      chmod +rwx
      chmod +rwx
3) "" in main folder contains toolchain that allow to switch destination platform (linux/windows/GNUvsCLang/emscripten...)
      You should edit this file to set your desired destination. You can also leave as default to linux.
      You can do it later if you want to recompile for another platform.      
4) Execute from terminal (if you are compiling for javascript target as set in, you can skip this step in other cases):           

    4.1) PS: Remember to copy "" content to the end of your .bashrc config file.
             If this is done, calling command emcc or em++ from terminal you reach the application executable and see its output. 

5) Execute :
      "."   <----  be carefull to call the command as is with dot+space at the beginning if not the script miss to work 
                              switching directory trees.

6) To recompile (if you ask for)
      "sh ./" <----  doit for every sample you want to ri-compile

(Just for your knowledge, nothing here is mandatory) I work on a gentoo linux distro where I developed 
the application using both CLang, g++ and Emscripten, mainly. 
The IDE environment I use is Netbeans 8.2. 
The compilation process happens through CMake for toolchining and I succesfully tested compilation also 
with a virtual machine (virtualbox) where I installed xubuntu 16.04. I hope this helps)

We appreciate your comments, questions and suggestions at: info at ege3d dot it
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