spritemate is a browser based sprite editor for the Commodore 64
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Spritemate is a new sprite editor for the Commodore 64. It works with most modern browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux and is pure JavaScript and HTML - no plugins. All data is processed on client side only. Spritemate supports importing and exporting of the most common file formats for the Commodore 64 (e.g. SpritePad) and can be used as viewer and editor on almost any device with a browser.

Latest version: http://spritemate.com/


  • choose from the 16 colors of the C64 palette
  • draw pixels on a 24x21 pixel (singlecolor) or 12x21 pixel (multicolor) canvas
  • C64 mode restrictions (number of colors per sprite, global sprite colors)
  • delete, fill, shift left, right, up, down, flip horizontal & vertical
  • check your sprite in the preview window
  • display grid in editor
  • multiple sprites
  • double width & height sprites
  • stacked sprite layers (sprite overlays)
  • sprite sorting
  • undo & redo
  • copy & paste
  • window based GUI
  • save window layout
  • import & export Spritemate format
  • import & export SpritePad 2.0 format
  • import & export SpritePad 1.8.1 format
  • export as ASM source (KICK and ACME)
  • keyboard shortcuts


  • animation
  • export animation as GIF
  • import & export PNG images
  • select and move pixels
  • touch controls and tablet optimization
  • and tons of other stuff

Menu toolbar

Symbol Shortcut Function
- Loads a file.
Supported formats: Spritemate (SPM), SpritePad (SPD, SPR)
- Saves a file.
Supported formats: Spritemate (SPM), SpritePad 2.0 & 1.8.1 (SPD), ASM source (TXT)
z Undo. For when you screwed up.
shift + z Redo. For when you realized it wasn't that bad
d (toggle) Draw pixels
d (toggle) Flood fill
f Toggle fullscreen window mode
- Displays the info window

Editor window

Symbol Shortcut Function
m Toggle between singlecolor and multicolor mode
- Shift sprite left
- Shift sprite right
- Shift sprite up
- Shift sprite down
- Flip sprite horizontal
- Flip sprite vertical
- Toggles grid display on/off
- Zooms window in/out
1,2,3,4 Select individual color, transparent, multicolor 1 or multicolor 2
shift + mouse delete pixel

Preview window

Symbol Shortcut Function
- Stretches sprite horizontally
- Stretches sprite vertically
- Overlay next sprite
- Zooms window in/out

Sprite list window

Symbol Shortcut Function
- Create new sprite
- Remove selected sprite
- Copy sprite
- Paste sprite
- Toggles grid display on/off
- Zooms window in/out
cursor left & right cycle through sprite list

Some useful hints

  • you can rearrange sprites by just dragging them to the desired position
  • you can copy & paste sprites by using the corresponding icons in the sprite list window

How to run

You can use yarn to run this project locally

$ cd spritemate
$ yarn
$ yarn start



  • merged in help window from the beta branch
  • fixed some issues with Kick Ass export (thx2 nurpax)


  • local config file support
  • window positions, zoom levels are saved locally
  • new settings modal with color palette options: pepto, colodore and custom
  • cursor keys rotate through the sprite list
  • minor fixes and tweaks


  • first public release


  • Keyboard shortcuts support
  • fixed a bug in sprite importer script introduced the other day
  • nicer looking tooltips


  • KICK ASS syntax support for source export
  • Sprite overlays are shown in editor
  • import & export sprite overlay settings from SpritePad
  • number of sprites and current sprite index shown in list window title
  • new sprites inherit the color and multicolor settings of the active sprite
  • cursor keys left & right to navigate through the sprite list
  • performance enhancements


  • Simple sprite overlays
  • Additional zoom levels for big screens
  • fix for Firefox, should work now


  • Copy & Paste for sprites
  • Symbols for Copy & Paste
  • More UI context states


  • flood fill
  • draw & fill modes can be switched
  • performance optimization when working with huge sprite set
  • export as ASM sourcecode


  • reworked toolbar/menu
  • fullscreen option
  • status bar


  • full import & export of SpritePad 1.8.1 and 2.0 formats
  • preview window zoom


  • export sprites as SPD to SpritePad


  • import sprites from SpritePad SPD files


  • Zoom in/out in the sprite list window
  • redo
  • fixed an issue where the same file could not be reloaded
  • more reliable behaviour of palette window


  • basic loading and saving is now working (finally!)
  • lots of reworked UI
  • lots of cleaned up code


  • proper C64 color restrictions are now implemented
  • lots of cleanup, still one huge pile of crap left to do right


  • Zoom levels for editor, preview and list view can be set in the config
  • Sprites in list view are sortable correctly when size is changing
  • Info button has a new modal with version info and links
  • sprite streching for preview window


  • Sorting in list view finally works


  • Undo implemented