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Come with suggestions to different projects, and up- and downvote others
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A webapp that lets users suggest things for different projects.

The aim is to be a channel for communication between developers and users, in organizations where the users aren't familiar with GitHub Issues and other trackers, but still want a simple way to have an impact on what's being developed.


  1. Install Meteor
  2. Get all the files and start the server:
$ git clone
$ cd suggest
$ meteor

Data model

We operate around the entities Project, Suggestion and Comment. A project can have suggestions, and suggestions can have comments.

The _id attribute is automatically assigned by MongoDB, which is the database system Meteor is built on.

A Project:

    _id: String ID
    name: String,
    description: String,
    url: String,
    leader: String

A Suggestion:

    _id: String ID
    time: Date,
    title: String,
    content: String,
    status: String
    score: Integer,
    project: String ID

A Comment:

    _id: String ID
    username: String,
    comment: String,
    suggestionId: String id
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