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Estafet QA practices examples

This project contains a set of examples for different aspects of the QA job. It's a multi module Maven project with separate modules demonstrating how to test: ReST services User interface (via Selenium) SOAP services

Project structure

Module Description
example-restapi-rest-assured Set of examples for ReST testing using RestAssured
example-soap-rest-assured Set of examples for SOAP testing using RestAssured
examples-rest Set of examples for ReST testing using RestEasy
examples-selenium Set of examples for UI testing using Selenium
examples-soap2 Set of examples for SOAP testing
examples-soap-ws Set of examples for SOAP testing (alternative approach)

Getting started

After cloning the repository you will be able to run the tests from each module. No additional configuration is required. Upon cloning execute:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

Each module has a RunTests JUnit class which executed a subset of tests from the current module based nad the tags option.

For Linux/Mac

The Selenium tests will not run on those two OSes. The geckodriver used for Selenium 3 is only provided for Windows.