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This project is no longer being actively maintained.

If you'd like to adopt it and keep the development going you can get started by sending pull requests, implementing features and resolving issues.


WINDOWS ISOs ARE **NOT** SUPPORTED! Do not report issues if you're flashing a Windows ISO.

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EtchDroid is an open-source application that helps you write images to USB drives, no root required.

You can use it to make a bootable GNU/Linux USB drive when your laptop is dead and you're in the middle of nowhere.

Learn how to use EtchDroid with this YouTube video:

How to use EtchDroid


  • Supports raw disk images and most GNU/Linux distributions ISOs
  • Supports most DMG disk images (beta)
  • No root - everything is done within the bounds of the Android API
  • Free as in freedom

Planned features

  • Write common GNU/Linux distro in streaming from the Internet without storing it on the device
  • Support for Windows installation ISO (will likely require root)
  • Support for Unetbootin-style image flashing

Support the project

You can support the development by sending a donation.

See the website:

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Help out translating EtchDroid

Translation status

Updates on development status

Check out my blog:


FAQ/Common issues

See the website: