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EtchDroid is an open-source application that helps you write images to USB drives.

Use it to make a bootable operating system USB drive when your laptop is dead.

Supported devices

  • ✅ USB flash drives
  • ✅ USB SD card adapters
  • ❌ USB hard drives / SSDs
  • ❌ USB docks and hubs
  • ❌ Internal SD card slot
  • ❌ Optical or floppy disk drives
  • ❌ Thunderbolt-only devices

Supported disk image types

  • ✅ Modern GNU/Linux operating system images, including Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, pop!_OS, Linux Mint, FreeBSD, BlissOS and many more
  • ✅ Raspberry PI SD card images (but you must unzip them first!)
  • ❌ Official Microsoft Windows ISOs from
  • ⚠️ Community-built Windows images, made for EtchDroid (be careful: they may contain viruses!)
  • ❌ Apple DMG disk images
  • ❌ Older GNU/Linux OS images < 2010 such as Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux

Support the project

If you want to say thanks, you can send a donation.

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