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A collection of emulators mostly of retrobrew style systems


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Emulator Kit

This is a kit of emulators primarily focussed on the RC2014 environment and some of the Retrobrew (formerly N8VEM) systems. The emulators are focussed on software development and testing rather than cycle accurate simulation. They are designed to be easy to hack on when working on a problem, and simple to understand.

Device emulation varies in detail depending upon need. The device models should be easy to extend as required and currently reflect the focus on RC2014 and Fuzix.

Processors Supported

  • 1802 - initial model of 1802/4/5 processors
  • 6303
  • 6502 - NMOS part with no illegal models (Mike Chambers)
  • 65C816 (uses a slightly modified lib65816)
  • 6800
  • 68000/10/EC020/020 (uses Musashi)
  • 6803
  • 6809 (vecX)
  • 68HC11 - I/O model is very basic
  • 8008
  • 8085 - Extended from Mike Chambers 8080 emulation
  • 8086 (from Hampa Hug's pcem)
  • NS8070 (work in progress)
  • NS32K (from PiTubeClient)
  • Z8 - initial model
  • Z80 (libz80)
  • Z180 - dervied from libz80
  • Z280

RCbus / RC2014 / BP80 Processor Cards Emulated

  • Z80
  • Z180 (only in linear memory mode at the moment)
  • Z280
  • 1802
  • 6303/6803
  • 6502
  • 65C816 (with banked RAM)
  • 68008
  • 6808
  • 6809
  • 68HC11
  • 80C85
  • 80C188
  • NS32K (prototype)
  • TMS9995
  • Z8

RCbus / BP80 Integrated Systems Emulated

  • SC108
  • SC114
  • SC126/30 and relatives
  • SC720

Systems with RCbus connector

  • Easy Z80
  • T68KRC
  • MB020
  • Z280RC
  • Z80MB64
  • Z80SBC64

RC2014 Card Emulation (Official)

  • 512K ROM 512K RAM
  • Compact Flash
  • Dual serial SIO/2
  • IDE (82C55 PPIDE)
  • Pageable ROM
  • Real Time Clock
  • Switchable ROM
  • 64K RAM

RCbus Card Emulation (Other)

  • 16x50
  • CTC
  • EF9345
  • Floppy Disk
  • Gluino/Z80 PIO with SD card
  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • TMS9918A (no sprites yet)
  • W5100 (actual card not yet available)
  • Z80 SIO
  • ZXKey

Retrobrew/N8VEM Systems Emulated

  • SBC v2
  • Mark IV
  • N8
  • Rhyophyre

Other Systems Emulated

  • 2063
  • 68KNano
  • Ampro Littleboard/PLUS
  • Amstrad NC100
  • Amstrad NC150
  • Amstrad NC200
  • Flex (minimal Flex 6800 system)
  • Grant Searle's 9 chip Z80
  • Linc-80
  • Micro80
  • Pico 68K
  • PZ1
  • Retrobrew N8
  • Rewtrobrew SBC v2
  • Retrobrew Mark-IV
  • SBC 2G
  • Simple80
  • Scelbi
  • Small Z80
  • Tiny68K
  • TinyZ80
  • Tom's SBC
  • TRCWM HD6309 (but as 6809)
  • VZ200/300
  • Z80Master
  • Z80 Membership Card
  • Z80 MBC2
  • ZRCC

Hardware And ROM Images



Google Groups: rc2014-z80. Note that the list owner's policy is that this list should be for discussing Z80 based RC2014 systems only.

Google Groups: retro-comp. RC2014 and BP80 based systems and other stuff. Created as a place to discuss things not suitable for rc2014-z80.


ROM images:

CP/M Disk Images (for non ROMWBW systems)

Retrobrew (formerly N8VEM)

ROM images, designs and board stocks etc and all to be found at along with a forum. Most systems use the ROMWBW (see RC2014).

This site also hosts many of the other designs like the Tiny68K.


A Z80 based system with bitbang SD card and 32K memory banking.

Youtube channel:

Ampro Littleboard

The classic "small board" design that was built to sit on top of a floppy disk drive. The emulator can also model the /PLUS version with NCR5380 SCSI. ROM images are not clearly redistributable so not included.

Amstrad NC series

The ROM images for these machines are not redistributable, you will need an actual system to hand. nc100em has a small free ROM image if you just want to run ZCN, and it may work for Fuzix too.

Grant Searle SBC

Grant's website contains full instructions on the design and building of this system. Also available are the needed BIOS, monitor and disk images. If you follow this design I strongly recommend you build it entirely using the equivalent CMOS parts (74HCTxx) and CMOS Zilog devices, as this makes the CF much more reliable and you can run far faster.

There are also designs for a lot of other systems that are not emulated.


A Z180 based machine with high resolution graphics. The graphics side is not currently emulated. Runs ROMWBW.


This lives at The ROM images are available as HEX files. To generate the rom do

makebin 10-HEXFILES/SMON35.HEX > sbc2g.rom


Available from ROM images are available on the site.

Tom's SBC

A PCB based design closely related to Grant Searle's. Some discussion on the retro-comp group. This platform can use the Grant Searle ROM and CF images. Fuzix runs directly from ROM.


A retrocomputing project from the 2017 retro challenge


Emulates the VZ200 or VZ300 systems. Can also emulate the SD card add on and the Australian banked video memory extension.

Z80 MBC2

including the files needed for the emulator. Note that the emulator emulates the Atmega API so no Atmega firmware is used or needed.

Z80 Membership Card

This kit is available from The emulation is of the full build, and does not emulate the LED display or keypad.

All needed emulation material is available from the site as well.

Z80 Retro

A fairly standard Z80 retro build with Zilog peripherals and 4 x 16K memory banking.


A collection of emulators mostly of retrobrew style systems







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