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RC2014 Emulator

This is an emulator for the RC2014 Z80 system.

The emulation includes

  • Z80 CPU (time sync wants work)
  • ROM and switchable ROM cards
  • 6850 ACIA
  • Z80 SIO/2
  • 512K RAM/512K ROM card
  • CF adapter
  • DS1302 real time clock (time setting not supported)
  • CTC at 0x88 (untested)

At this point in time the ACIA emulation is complete and sufficient to run the standard ROM environment with BASIC. This represents the basic configuration of Z80 CPU card, 32K RAM card, 8K or switchable ROM card and ACIA serial I/O card. This also corresponds to the RC2014 Mini.

With the right options and ROM image you can also boot CP/M on it via the emulated compact flash adapter. This corresponds to the RC2014 with the switchable ROM, 64K RAM card, ACIA card and Compact Flash card.

In 512K mode the emulator can run the ROMWBW 512K image for the RC2014 system providing an SIO is selected. With ACIA it crashes for reasons not yet understood.

To exit use ctrl-backslash

To get actual hardware see

For ROM images see



  • -a enable 6850 ACIA
  • -b 512K ROM/512K RAM board
  • -c CTC card present (not yet tested)
  • -d n Turn on debug flags
  • -e n Execute ROM bank n (0-7) (not used with -b)
  • -f Fast mode (run flat out)
  • -i path Enable IDE and use this file
  • -m board Board type (z80 for default rc2014 or sc108)
  • -p Pageable ROM (needed for CP/M)
  • -r path Load the ROM image from this path
  • -s Enable the SIO/2
  • -R Enable the DS1302 RTC
  • -w WizNET 5100 at 0x28-0x2B (works but buggy)

To build a disk image

./makedisk 1

dd if=cf-image bs=512 seek=2 conv=notrunc

In other words the IDE disk format has a 1K header that holds meta-data and the virtual identify block.

Compact flash images can be found at

Remember to unzip the image before putting it on the virtual cf card.

RBC (ex N8VEM) Mark 2 Emulator

This is a fairly basic emulator for the RBC v2 system board.

Currently the following are emulated: 512K ROM, 512K RAM, memory mapping, 16x50 UART (minimally), 8255 PIO (PPIDE), 4UART (minimally), PropIOv2 (SD and console), timer on serial hack but not yet ECB interrupt via serial hack.

The emulator also supports the RAMF card (not yet tested), a WizNET 5100 at 0x28-0x2B in indirect mode (buggy but works for socket 0 at this point), and a debug port. Writing to 0xFD sets the debug value so you can trace pieces of code.

The jumpers are not emulated. K7 is always assumed to be 1-2, K10 1-2 and K11 1-2 giving a 32K/32K split.

To get actual hardware see

For ROM images see



  • -r path path to ROM image
  • -i path path to IDE image (specify twice for 2 disks)
  • -s path path for PropIOv2 SD card
  • -p enable PropIOv2
  • -t enable timer hack
  • -d n set debug trace bits
  • -f fast (run flat out)
  • -R RAMFS ECB module (not yet tested
  • -w WizNET 5100 at 0x28-0x2B (works but buggy)

The sd card image is just a raw file of the blocks at this point.

Grant Searle SBC Emulator

This is an emulator for the Grant Searle 9 chip CP/M computer. This is a Z80 machine with 128K of RAM (64K accessible), 16K of boot ROM, dual serial and a simple 8bit IDE CF interface.

To build yourself an actual system see

For ROM images

Get the zip file from the web page above.

makebin -s 16384 ROM.HEX >searle.rom

You can build the CP/M bootable image and put it onto an IDE image using

cat hexFiles/CPM22.HEX | makebin -s 65535 >1.rom cat hexFiles/CBIOS64.HEX | makebin -s 65535 >2.rom dd if=2.rom of=1.rom bs=58880 skip=1 seek=1 conv=notrunc dd if=1.rom of=3.rom bs=1 skip=53248 dd if=/tmp/2.rom bs=512 seek=2 conv=notrunc

cpmtools can then be used to manipulate it further.



  • -r path path to ROM image (default searle.rom)
  • -i path path to IDE image (default
  • -d n set debug trace bits
  • -f fast (run flat out)
  • -t external 10Hz timer on DCD (not yet accurate to 10Hz)
  • -b A16 of RAM is controlled by UART RTS line