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Autonomous smart contract platforms on Ethereum, EOS, and Hyperledger.


Eternal Trusts is the first company developing a decentralized trustee programmed to fulfill long-term goals of clients autonomously according to their futuristic scenarios. We invite everyone interested in the technology of blockchain and smart contracts to join Eternal Trusts Hackathon!


June 2 (Sat) 2018. The beginning of the global online hackathon. Our experts will publish 5 technological challenges devoted to developing decentralized business applications (dApps) on Hyperledger, EOS, and Ethereum.

August 25 (Sat) 2018. The finals and meetup in St. Petersburg. The GrowUp coworking will host a large offline event where participants will be able to finalize their solutions, consult with invited experts, prepare a demo and a presentation to compete for the big prize. In the afternoon, the invited experts will present reports with latest information on the state of the industry (subjects to be announced). In the evening, the winners of the hackathon will be selected and awarded!

Event Languages:

English / Russian

Prize Pool & Challenges:

To fully understand and successfully solve the challenges, you should first read the white paper of Eternal Trusts, particularly the section that describes its smart contract system architecture (

Teams consisting of less than 5 people can apply to solve one of the challenges below:

  1. Create a set of dApps with a user interface for a Smart Contract Trust. It should contain the following functionality: a client submits a request to establish a Smart Contract Trust and uploads personal data in the format of pdf documents onto a private Hyperledger-based blockchain. A record of this data transfer should be written into the public EOS blockchain. A EOS smart contract should initiate a procedure of Oracle selection, which opens access to the client's data in the private blockchain and notifies the client of this fact.
  2. Create a voting dApp based on EOS smart contracts and tokens. It should provide 2 kinds of voting mechanisms — voting for the best solutions of purposes by assigning a ranking number on the scale of 0 to 5; and “binary” voting for validation of transactions with providers.
  3. Integrate AI as a semantic filter between the data sent in and out of HyperLedger to EOS. The filter should distinguish structured, unique offers from machine-generated texts to defend against DDoS attacks.
  4. Implement Forseti's DRM (dispute resolution mechanism) in EOS blockchain - The Special Challenge from our partners - Please look at description of forseti protocol here:

Award pool for the 1st place: 5 000 $ - 50/50 in ETH and Eternal Trusts tokens 2-3 place: 2500 $ in Eternal Trusts tokens

The official language of the demo day event is English. There is no limit on regional participation. Since we will arrange online video broadcasting, online demo presentation is also possible.

Criteria for evaluating demos and presentations will be announced right after the opening of the offline event on August 25.

Links to details: