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Trains in Motion (TiM) is a Minecraft mod that handles the underworking systems for trains
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EternalBlueFlame fixes and track crafting improvements
- Hopefully fixed the jankyness with rail rendering.
- Added a blacklist for track crafting.
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Trains In Motion

Trains In Motion is a Minecraft Mod built using Minecraft Forge.

Trains In Motion alters the looks of, and adds new functionality, to minecarts. Allowing what was once simple minecarts, to become trains and rolling-stock, able to transport almost anything at speeds higher than a normal minecart.

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Current Status:



  • Models must match the Mod's Art-style.
  • Format is limited to .java models only; you can use tools such as BDCraft Cubik, SMP Toolbox, Technie or even writing it manually.
  • SMP Toolbox models must not use Shape, we have dropped support of the function for various reasons, instead use ShapeBoxes.
  • Model scale is 0.75 meters, or, 12 microblocks, wide for the wheel base, In other words they must fit on minecart rails. It is reccomended the body should be 1.25+ meters, or, 20+ microblocks, wide.
  • Technie models are limited to 512x512 base resolution for textures, regardless of if you actually need that much space.
  • Textures must be in .png format. And are preferred to be at 4 times the resolution of the texture base size defined in the model (this is 4096x4096 in most cases).
  • Audio must be in .ogg format and no more than 192kb/s.


  • Code must be well optimized.
  • Setting up the project for InteliJ was made easy with the setup.bat file. Otherwise this project will follow standard Forge conventions. See
  • Regarding new features/behavior changes, please submit a new Suggestion to the issue tracker before you write any code.



Turbo Model Thingy

Modpacks and Servers:

  • You are allowed to use the compiled mod in your public and private modpacks without permission.
  • Whether directly, indirectly, or otherwise, we are not responsible for any damages to your server, be it in data, userbase, or any other form.

Videos and Media:

  • You may freely make, share, and earn revenue from videos, pictures, and reviews containing Trains in Motion.


  • Unless you are the creator of the contributed content in question, you may not redistribute the Trains in Motion source or assets, including but not limited to models, pictures, and sounds.
  • Outside of a modpack you are strictly prohibited from distributing the compiled mod in any format or medium, the only exception being the official CurseForge page of Trains in Motion (Unreleased)
  • Trains in Motion code is heavily documented in hopes it can teach some tricks to modding, but because it's difficult to learn from copy-pasting code you are limited on how much code you can copy, for exact limitations on this, see point 1.10 in the full license.

Full License:

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