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Full source to the CS:GO cheat
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Full CS:GO project files for, for the OSHGui project, please see the OSHGui repository.

This is not a ready-to-use cheat, it is missing a lot of core features and has a multitude of issues. As such it is highly recommended that you do not use this if you have no prior programming knowledge. However we are working towards a stable, free, feature-rich cheat for everyone to use!

If you want a clean base without any features, please see the deadcell SDK.


We invite anyone interested in supporting development to join our Discord.

This is NOT for tech support. If you have an issue, open one here.

Known issues

  • Crashes.
  • Some of the code is unoptimized.
  • If you come across any more issues, please notify us via the issue tracker.

We are accepting any pull requests that fix any of the aforementioned issues.




Where's the DLL?

Build it yourself. We will not provide a binary.

How do I add a hitmarker sound?

Create a hitsounds folder inside the base Counter-Strike Global Offensive directory. Place as many .wav sound files as you want inside of it. Load the cheat and they will be under the hitsounds combobox.

Where are config files stored?

Profiles are stored inside the base Counter-Strike Global Offensive directory under a folder named profiles.

You can share profiles with friends by navigating to the configuration tab inside the cheat and selecting Export. This will copy all profile data to the clipboard which you can then paste to a friend.

To import a profile, just copy all of the profile data and press Import. Make sure to save your profile by entering a name and pressing Save.

Why does "Generating code..." take forever when building the project?

Most likely an issue with Visual Studio 2017, you can wait it out or use Visual Studio 2019 instead.

Why does moving the menu crash the game?

Disable multi-core rendering in your CS:GO video settings.

How do I open the menu?


How do I unload the cheat?

Press END.



Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.


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