Demo dapp with buttons that call contract functions.
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EthKan Contract UI Demo

Demo dapp with buttons that call EthKan contract functions.

The point of this dapp is to be as simple as possible. Almost everything is in App.js. Even though it was made with create-react-app it is actually structured as a simple jquery html page.


Follow instructions at ethkan-contracts first. Then come here.

Set up MetaMask

  • Your MetaMask Chrome extension must be set to the Ganache network. Open and login to MetaMask and select "Custom RPC" and enter the url Ganache is running on. Default is http://localhost:7545.
  • You will also need to use an address with test Ether. Copy the private key by clicking the key icon on the right of the list of default addresses.
  • Back in MetaMask, click the user icon and select "create new account." Use the copied private key to create a MetaMask account with test Ether.
  • If you see your new test user's balance at 95 Ether or more then you are ready to start dapping.

Set up configs

  • Clone this repo locally.
  • Open App.js and ensure configs are hard coded correctly to match testnet url and deployed contract addres.
  • Config vars in App.js should look something like this:
// configs
var ethNodeUrl = 'ws://localhost:7545'; // my localhost ganache
var ethKanDeployedAddress = '0x2c2b9c9a4a25e24b174f26114e8926a9f2128fe4'; // address of contract deployed to ganache using truffle
var gasLimit = 500000; // this is too high for production
  • Make sure ethKanDeployedAddress matches the address from the truffle terminal where you deployed from ethkan-contracts repo instructions
  • Make sure the EthKan.json file matches the ./build/contracts/EthKan.json of the deployed contract you want your dapp to talk to.

Run Dapp

From inside repo.

npm install
npm start

Common Errors

Error: the tx doesn't have the correct nonce. account has nonce of: 6 tx has nonce of: 5
  • If you receive this error it means MetaMask is out of sync with your local testnet. Try using a different address from Ganache by creating a new MetaMask account by importing the private key.
Error: Couldn't decode address from ABI: 0x0
  • If you run into this error it means you probably did not set the correct ethKanDeployedAddress config in App.js. Make sure you copy the deployed EthKan contract address from the truffle terminal log from when you deployed the EthKan contract. Contract deployment instructions are in ethkan-contracts repo.
Error: VM Exception while processing transaction: revert
  • If you run into this error it means something about your user input violates the contract rules. Calling a method that requires owner access from an address that is not that owner address for example. Or funding a card that is already approved.


Vid of install and usage:
(Skip any parts that are boring. Usage is at the very end.)