mownfish is a productional skeleton and generator for tornado
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The mownfish is a productional skeleton for tornado. It helps us making our own application with tornado framework rapidly and normativity. Mownfish is extremely lightweight, containing fewer addition with tornado. The name of mownfish is comming from a crop I have ever worked with. The crop had a fish mascot which face was very weird, so I named it mownfish and for my project name.


  • A productional code structure. Let you focus more on the application code not the framework it self.
  • Init your project with cmd fishing. Init your own project skeleton code which copied from mownfish, and replace everything with your project name. using one single cmd.
  • A customized log module. For the Tornado v2.4 have not made its own log module yet, and in production env we want a customized access log to analyze the data. See more details and examples from wiki.


Install from pypi:

pip install mownfish

Install from source:

git clone
cd mownfish
python install

Init and Run your own project skeleton

fishing $project_name
cd $project_name
python $project_name/cmd/mownfishd --port=$port_num


  1. add handler file in project/handlers/
  2. modify the project's router in project/handlers/, add a route item.
  3. add the prepareration including periodicity task in project/cmd/mownfishd file, modify the method prepare()


The following libraries are required

Compatibale with all versions of tornado, include 2.x, 3.x, 4.x. I have tested the performance between v2.4 and v3.x, and the version 2.4 have 30% enhance than version 3.1.


All pull requests are welcome!


Please report any issues via github issues