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Original idea for Alpha Game Jam. Now an ongoing project.

Original Concept by: Ethan Harte, Alvin Vuong, Jeremy Rotman, Vipul Kashyap, and Julian Carney.
Contributors: Jose Mayo (3D Artist)

Today, we live in a world where our technology is becoming increasingly immersive. Our ambitions lie within a fully immersive VR game. So, we came up with the idea of creating game elements that bring the player closer to the virtual world that they are in.

Our inspiration came from Gun Gale Online, a fictitious VRMMOFPS, where the player's heart rate is taken into account for the spread of their shots.

Thus, we decided to implement a player's actual bodily reactions within the game world itself. Using an optical heart rate monitor wired up to an Arduino, we gathered heart rate information and, in-game, varied the spread radius accordingly. In the future, we also plan to use a force sensor with an elastic belt to detect breathing and implementing this in-game as well.

Technologies Used:

Technologies Planned:

  • Breath monitor for breathing-related mechanics using a force sensor
  • Emotiv EPOC for ??? (neuroheadset & SDK provided by Emotiv: http://emotiv.com/ )

Texture Libraries:
(Note: Any texture used is packaged along with the models/maps that include it.)

Special Thanks to Matthew at Michigan State University for his tutorials on UDK Game Development.