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Scrapes profile info from all NYC tutors from
Specify output file name at bottom in main() function
Author: Ethan Rosenthal
Last Modified: 2/7/2015
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
import urllib2
import pandas as pd
from pandas import DataFrame, Series
import json
import re
import time
class region_crawler():
def __init__(self, base_url='', \
region_url='', \
page=1, outfile='tmp.txt'): = page
self.idx = 0
self.base_url = base_url
self.region_url = region_url
self.current_url = ''
self.outfile = outfile
def scrape_pages(self, page):
Main scraping function. Moves through each page of the list of NYC tutors. Statement to check for the end of the list is not currently working. Need to ctrl-c out of the program to stop scraping.
while True:
print 'Scraping page ' + str(
# Format of url is where the 1 at the end is the page number. Increase page number by 1 each iteration of while loop in order to crawl through pages.
self.current_url = self.region_url + str(
ufile = urllib2.urlopen(self.current_url)
if ufile.geturl()[-1:] == self.base_url:
break # Check for end of list
people = BeautifulSoup(ufile).findAll('div', {'class':'tutorFR hide medium-show'}) # picks out each person on the page
self.scrape_people(people) += 1 # Next page
def scrape_people(self, people):
Scrapes profile info from all people on a given page of WyzAnt. Runs all class methods for picking out different profile features.
for person in people:
name = ''
hourly_rate = int(-1)
self.current_url = self.base_url + person.find('a')['href']
# Should do a better version of try/excepting of connection issues.
person_ufile = urllib2.urlopen(self.current_url)
person_ufile = urllib2.urlopen(self.current_url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(person_ufile)
# Get various features by running all class methods.
name = self.get_name(soup)
hourly_rate = self.get_hourly_rate(soup)
raw_subjects, qual_subjects, linked_subjects = self.get_subjects(soup)
education = self.get_education(soup)
badge = self.get_tutor_badge(soup)
profile_picture = self.has_profile_picture(soup)
rating, number_of_ratings = self.get_rating(soup)
zip_radius, zip_code = self.get_zip_code(soup)
student_reviews = self.get_student_reviews(soup)
background_check = self.get_background_check(soup)
response_time = self.get_response_time(soup)
bio = self.get_bio(soup)
print name
# Write features to dictionary.
person_row = {}
person_row['name'] = name
person_row['hourly_rate'] = hourly_rate
person_row['raw_subjects'] = raw_subjects
person_row['qual_subjects'] = qual_subjects
person_row['linked_subjects'] = linked_subjects
person_row['education'] = education
person_row['badge'] = badge
person_row['profile_picture'] = profile_picture
person_row['rating'] = rating
person_row['number_of_ratings'] = number_of_ratings
person_row['zip_radius'] = zip_radius
person_row['zip_code'] = zip_code
person_row['student_reviews'] = student_reviews
person_row['background_check'] = background_check
person_row['response_time'] = response_time
person_row['bio'] = bio
person_row['url'] = self.current_url
# Write dictionary to JSON ouput file.
json.dump(person_row, self.outfile)
self.idx += 1
def get_name(self, soup):
Get tutors name. Just returns first name and last initial. ex: Ethan R.
name = soup.find('h1', {'itemprop':'name'}).renderContents()
return name
def get_hourly_rate(self, soup):
Get tutor's hourly rate.
hourly_rate = int(soup.find('span', {'class':'price-amt'}).renderContents())
return hourly_rate
def get_subjects(self, soup):
Get subjects that tutor tutors. Three classes of subjects:
- qualified (tutor took qualification test)
- linked (tutor has a hover link with more info about themselves in relation to the subject)
- raw (Neither qualified nor linked)
If the topic is "qualified" then search span class: 'qual'
If the topic is linked to, search 'a' class: 'profile-subjectDescLink'
If there's no link and topic is not, then just need the text... getText()
# Pick out subjects
topics = soup.findAll('div',{'class':'spc-sm-s profile-txt-body profile-subjectGroup'})
raw_subjects = {}
qual_subjects = {}
linked_subjects = {}
for topic in topics:
qual_subjects_list = []
linked_subjects_list = []
topic_text = topic.find('div', {'class':'txt-semibold'}).getText().rstrip(':')
raw_subjects[topic_text] = topic.getText().split(':')[1].split(',')
# Pick out qualified subjects
qual_subject_spans = topic.findAll('span', {'class':'qual'})
for subject in qual_subject_spans:
qual_subjects[topic_text] = qual_subjects_list
# Pick out linked subjects
linked_subject_links = topic.findAll('a', {'class':'profile-subjectDescLink'})
for subject in linked_subjects_list:
linked_subjects[topic_text] = linked_subjects_list
return raw_subjects, qual_subjects, linked_subjects
def get_education(self, soup):
Get tutor's educational degrees. Return dictionary with keys = University and values = Degree (MBA, MD, etc...)
ed_sec = soup.find('div', {'id':'EducationSection'})
degrees = ed_sec.findAll('div', {'class':'profile-subsection'})
education = {}
for degree in degrees:
university = degree.find('h5').renderContents()
if education.has_key(university) == False:
education[university] = []
degree = degree.getText().split(university)
# Handle HTML encoding
if degree[1] == 'Master's':
degree[1] = 'Masters'
education = {}
education['no_university'] = ''
return education
def get_tutor_badge(self, soup):
If tutor has badge (star image next to profile pic with number of hours tutored), then get HTML information about the badge. Includes nuber of hours tutored in the text.
badge = soup.find('img', {'class':'TutorBadge'})['title']
badge = ''
return badge
def has_profile_picture(self, soup):
Find if tutor has a profile picture. Return boolean value.
img_src = soup.find('img', {'id':'ImageTutor'})['src']
if img_src.endswith('default.gif'):
profile_picture = False
profile_picture = True
return profile_picture
def get_rating(self, soup):
Get rating and number of ratings.
rating_div = soup.find('div', {'class':'tutor-stat tutor-stat-rating'})
rating = float(rating_div.find('span').renderContents())
number_of_ratings = rating_div.find('a').renderContents() # ex. (164 ratings)
number_of_ratings = int(re.findall('\d+', number_of_ratings)[0])
rating = None
number_of_ratings = 0
return rating, number_of_ratings
def get_zip_code(self, soup):
Get zip code and "zip radius" (distance tutor is willing to travle for tutoring)
zip_tag = soup.find('h3', {'class':'icon-hdr-travel'})
zip_tag = zip_tag.findNextSibling().findChild().renderContents()
zip_radius, zip_code = re.findall('\d+', zip_tag)
zip_radius, zip_code = None, None
return zip_radius, zip_code
def get_student_reviews(self, soup):
review_list = []
reviews = soup.findAll('div', {'class':'review'})
for review in reviews:
review_dict = {}
review_dict['title'] = review.find('h4').renderContents()
review_dict['text'] = review.find('p').renderContents()
review_dict['author_info'] = review.find('h5').renderContents()
pass # No student reviews
return review_list
def get_response_time(self, soup):
Get average time it takes tutor to respond to emails. Returns string. Parse string for actual time later in
response_time = soup.find('div', \
{'class':'tutor-stat tutor-stat-response'})
response_time = response_time.find('span').renderContents()
response_time = ''
return response_time
def get_background_check(self, soup):
Get text associated with background check. If tutor has a background check, text mentions date of background check. Parse text later in
bg = soup.find('span', \
bg = ''
return bg
def get_bio(self, soup):
Get text associated with tutor's personal biography.
bio = soup.find('p', {'class':'freeResponse'}).renderContents()
bio = ''
return bio
def main():
with open('../data/nyc_20150130.txt', 'a') as outfile:
base_url = ''
region_url = ''
page = 1 # max pages = 1165
crawler = region_crawler(base_url, region_url, page, outfile)
if __name__ == '__main__':