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import os
import click
import datasheets
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from pulp import LpVariable, LpProblem, LpMaximize, lpSum, PULP_CBC_CMD
import yaml
class Optimizer:
def __init__(self, input_data, num_screens, budget):
self.input_data = input_data
self.num_screens = num_screens
self.budget = budget
self.movie_counts = None
self.problem = None
def create_vars(self):
"""Define the optimization decision variables"""
self.movie_counts = {}
for _, row in self.input_data.iterrows():
var = LpVariable(f'{}_counts', cat='Integer',
lowBound=0, upBound=self.num_screens)
self.movie_counts[] = var
def get_objective_function(self, solved=False):
objective = []
for _, row in self.input_data.iterrows():
val = _get_val(self.movie_counts[], solved)
objective.append(val * row.revenue)
return lpSum(objective) if solved else np.sum(objective)
def get_constraints(self):
constraints = []
constraint = (
lpSum(self.movie_counts.values()) == self.num_screens,
'every screen must be assigned'
total_cost = []
for _, row in self.input_data.iterrows():
total_cost.append(self.movie_counts[] * row.cost)
constraint = lpSum(total_cost) <= self.budget, 'Limited budget'
return constraints
def get_solution(self, solved):
"""Generate a string that contains the solution information"""
msg = []
if solved:
objective_value = self.get_objective_function(solved)
msg.append(f'Optimization successful! '
f'Total Revenue = {objective_value}')
for _, row in self.input_data.iterrows():
val = self.movie_counts[].varValue
if == 'empty':
msg.append(f'Leave {int(val)} screens empty')
msg.append(f'Movie {} is on {int(val)} screens')
msg.append('Optimization algorithm failed!')
return '\n'.join([x for x in msg])
def build_allocation(self):
movie = []
num_screens = []
cost = []
revenue = []
for _, row in self.input_data.iterrows():
val = self.movie_counts[].varValue
cost.append(row.cost * val)
revenue.append(row.revenue * val)
df = pd.DataFrame({'movie': movie, 'num_screens': num_screens,
'revenue': revenue, 'cost': cost})
total_revenue = df.revenue.sum()
total_cost = df.cost.sum()
total_screens = df.num_screens.sum()
last_row = pd.DataFrame(
{'movie': ['total'], 'num_screens': [total_screens],
'revenue': [total_revenue], 'cost': [total_cost]})
df = pd.concat([df, last_row], axis=0)
df = df.set_index('movie', drop=True)
return df
def run(self):
self.problem = LpProblem('FML', LpMaximize)
self.problem += self.get_objective_function(solved=False)
for constraint in self.get_constraints():
self.problem += constraint
status = self.problem.solve(PULP_CBC_CMD(msg=3))
solved = status == 1
return solved
def _get_val(var, solved):
return var.varValue if solved else var
def parse_conf(conf):
with open(conf, 'r') as f:
conf = yaml.load(f)
os.environ['DATASHEETS_SECRETS_PATH'] = conf['creds_file']
os.environ['DATASHEETS_SERVICE_PATH'] = conf['service_file']
workbook = conf['workbook']
num_screens = conf['num_screens']
empty_screen_cost = conf['empty_screen_cost']
budget = conf['budget']
return workbook, num_screens, empty_screen_cost, budget
def load_data(workbook):
tab = workbook.fetch_tab('inputs')
return tab.fetch_data()
def run_pipeline(conf='conf.yml'):
Pull inputs from google sheets, solve the allocation problem, and write the
solution back to the sheet.
workbook, num_screens, empty_screen_cost, budget = parse_conf(conf)
# Pull data
client = datasheets.Client(service=True)
workbook = client.fetch_workbook(workbook)
input_data = load_data(workbook)
empty_screen = pd.DataFrame({'movie': ['empty'], 'revenue': [0],
'cost': [empty_screen_cost]})
input_data = pd.concat([input_data, empty_screen], axis=0)
# Define and solve allocation problem
optimizer = Optimizer(input_data, num_screens, budget)
solved =
solution_msg = optimizer.get_solution(solved)
if solved:
# Write the results to google sheet.
allocation = optimizer.build_allocation()
tab = workbook.fetch_tab('outputs')
return solution_msg
@click.option('--conf', default='conf.yml')
def main(conf):
if __name__ == '__main__':