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New version, completely overhauled. Supports ExtJS 6.2 with Delphi XE7 to latest.
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Kitto2 allows to create Rich Internet Applications based on a data model that can be mapped onto any database. The client-side part uses ExtJS 6 (through webbroker technology) to create a fully AJAX application, allowing you to build standard and advanced data-manipulating forms in a fraction of the time.

The major differences of Kitto2, compared to the first version are:

  • ExtPascal library has been removed
  • Replacement of Apache + FastCGI with WebBroker technology.
  • Replacement of ExtJS 3 with ExtJS 6
  • Kide editor also released under Open-Source license.

Kitto2 is aimed at Delphi developers that need to create web or mobile applications without delving into the intricacies of HTML, CSS, Javascript or learning to use a particular library such as ExtJS6, yet it allows access to the bare metal if required.

Kitto2 includes a database-agnostic data-access layer, allowing to create applications that work on any database engine and port applications between database engines.

A Kitto2 application is described as a set of easily maintained YAML files, keeping definitions abstract and declarative and allowing for future extensions. Business rules are enforced either declaratively or through small javascript fragments on the client, or in Delphi code on the server.

Kitto2 was designed by Nando Dessena and its development is sponsored by Ethea, which uses Kitto for internal development projects and client work and provides Kitto-related tools, support and development services.

Start here for further information.

Visit this site for online demos.

Happy Kittoing!

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