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A Command-Line Interface for the Swift Package Manager
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Mentioned in Awesome Vapor Built with Swift 4.2

What is it?

Ether is a CLI the integrates with SPM (Swift Package Manager), similar to NPM's command-line tool.

How do I install it?

With Homebrew:

brew tap Ether-CLI/tap
brew install ether

If you don't have, want, or can't use Homebrew, you can run the following script to install Ether:

curl | bash

What features does it have?


Searches for available packages:

ether search <name>

Example result:

Searching [Done]
vapor/vapor: 💧 A server-side Swift web framework.
License: MIT License
Stars: 13906

vapor/toolbox: Simplifies common command line tasks when using Vapor
License: MIT License
Stars: 111

matthijs2704/vapor-apns: Simple APNS Library for Vapor (Swift)
License: MIT License
Stars: 289

vapor-community/postgresql: Robust PostgreSQL interface for Swift
License: MIT License
Stars: 99



Installs a package with its dependencies:

ether install <name>

Example output:

Installing Dependency [Done]
📦  10 packages installed


dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "3.0.0"),
    .package(url: "", from: "3.0.0"),
    .package(url: "", from: "3.0.0") <=== Added Package


The install command has a rather interesting method of getting the proper package. Because you can have packages with the same name by different authors, Ether will run a search based on the argument you pass in and get the most stared result. If the name contains a slash (/), then the URL will be created directly without a search like this:<NAME>.git

Note that this is case insensitive.

Fix Install

Fixes the install process when an error occurs during install, such as a git conflict.

ether fix-install

Example Output:

This may take some time...
Fixing Installation [Done]


Removes the package and its dependencies from the project:

ether remove <name>

Example output:

Removing Dependency [Done]
📦  2 packages removed


Updates the packages. This only needs to be run if packages are manually added.

ether update

Example output:

Updating Packages [Done]

You can pass in the --self flag to update Ether to the latest version:

ether update --self

Example output:

Updating Ether [Done]

Template Create

Saves the current state of the project as a template that can be used later when creating a new project.

ether template create <name>

Example output:

Saving Template [Done]

Template Remove

Saves the current state of the project as a template that can be used later when creating a new project.

ether template remove <name>

Example output:

Deleting Template [Done]

Template List

Saves the current state of the project as a template that can be used later when creating a new project.

ether template list

Example output:

- Vapor


Creates a project. It can be a Swift package, a Swift executable, or a project from a previously saved template.

ether new <name>

Example output:

Generating Project [Done]

Version Latest

Sets all packages to their latest versions:

ether version latest

Example output:

Updating Package Versions [Done]

Version All

Outputs the name of each package installed and its version

ether version all

Example output:

Getting Package Data [Done]
Bits: v1.0.0
Console: v2.1.0
Core: v2.0.2
Debugging: v1.0.0
JSON: v2.0.2
Node: v2.0.4

How do I make my package available?

If they are on GitHub, they already are! Ether uses GitHub's GraphQL API to fetch projects with a Package.swift file in the project root.

What license is it under?

Ether is under the MIT license.

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