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Callisto Network implemented a Treasury model. A certain part of the reward from each block is allocated for the Callisto Team to fund the further development of the project.

A certain portion of this budget can be spent for funding community proposals.


Any member of the community can create a funding proposal. A community member can propose any activity that contributes to the improvement of the Callisto project. The proposal creator can himself implement this proposal and receive a payment for it, or leave the proposal open so that other community members can work on it and receive a reward.

Proposal handling

Since January 28, 2019, proposals will be reviewed by @Dexaran twice a week (every Monday and Thursday). After the proposal has been reviewed, it will be assigned the appropriate status (label). It should be noted that the proposals may not only be the goals of funding. Proposals may represent information such as hiring details, open vacancies or freelancers guidelines. In this case, informational proposal will be reviewed and considered by Callisto Team and an appropriate status will be assigned.

Each proposal can have the following labels:

  • no label - this proposal is not yet reviewed.

  • accepted - contributors can start working on the implementation of this proposal. The funding goal of this proposal will be paid for the successful implementation OR information provided in this proposal is accepted by Callisto Team.

  • rejected - the implementation of this proposal will not be paid OR information provided in this proposal is not accepted by Callisto Team.

  • in-progress - this proposal is accepted and contributors are already working on its implementation on the agreed terms.

  • under consideration - this proposal has been reviewed, but the decision has not yet been made. This proposal requires a discussion within the Callisto Team or with the community in the corresponding issue comment thread.

  • on-hold - this proposal has been reviewed. This proposal has been postponed and is not currently being discussed.

  • withdrawn - this proposal is invalid or outdated.

  • spam - this proposal is not related to Callisto Network or duplicates another proposal.

  • hire - additional label that marks proposals related to hiring.

Proposal closing

Most of proposals are not closed immediately after the decision is made. When a proposal is considered for the first time, it is assigned a status label representing the decision regarding the proposal. Proposals with assigned statuses remain open and the authors of the proposals can leave comments and provide arguments regarding their position.If the proposal with the status rejected or withdrawn is revised and the decision is not changed, then the proposal is closed.

accepted proposals are closed when the payment for the proposal implementation is made. accepted informational proposals are closed after the official announcement is made.

spam proposals are closed immediately.

For questions, feedback and reports:

Submitting a proposal

Follow these steps to submit a proposal:

  1. Register a Github account.

  2. Go to Callisto Proposals/issues.

  3. Click a New Issue button.

  4. Describe your proposal: proposal overview, detailed desctiption and funding goal.

Thats it. Then the proposal will be reviewed. After that, it will be accepted, declined or discussed further. Once a proposal received an accepted status, this means that proposal creator or community members can start working on the proposal. As the requirements for the implementation of the proposal will be met, those who fulfilled them will receive the payment specified in the proposal.

The payment will be sent from Callisto Treasury and described at the Open Callisto financial report.

All proposals, proposal discussions, financial operations and decisions made by Callisto Team are transparently available to all community members and any discussions are always welcome.

We are hiring

Callisto Team will publish announcements about the hiring of specialists at Callisto Proposals/issues. For any questions about hiring for full-time or part-time job, contact or comment the corresponding issue.

Financial transparency

Callisto team adheres to the policy of financial transparency.

We keep a complete financial history in an open document so that everyone can review it. Financial operations will be described at the above document. Financial operations are verifiable by transaction hashes.

Each financial operation of Callisto Treasury will be documented until an autonomous governance system is created (Planned HardFork №2).

Each financial operation of Staking Reserve address will be documented until Cold Staking is implemented (Planned HardFork №1).

Callisto Treasury financial report.

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