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This repository contains the necessary links and comments, allowing you to track the financial operations of this organization. Feel free to create an issue if you have any questions or ambiguities.
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Ethereum Commonwealth financial state.

In this document you can view the history of financial operations from the moment of the Ethereum Commonwealth ICO:

Documented Ethereum Commonwealth financial state link

This document will be updated once a week. For more details you can visit the ICO repository.

For any questions feel free to contact


  1. Ethereum Commonwealth official address: 0x52823e725a34d42e14a1b66fb67299c30c4d8edf

  2. ICO address: 0x488c9e2df11ac9d19eb07df362cb174ffd4724d8

  3. DEX token contract address: 0x345a9e6c44d546dae5141700372986c4bb532e3d

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