Disrupt Charitable Giving: We are finding a cheaper and more efficient way to donate to unbanked or underbanked parties.
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Build Status

This repository contains a running application using React (with JSX). The current app consists of a simple payment gateway, allowing the user to select a charity and then the amount of money they wants to donate to the charity. The donator can see upfront how much money is deducted in transfer fees and how much the charity will receive. Currently the donator can pay by card, paying by Apple or Android pay still needs to be implemented.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App and includes react-stripe-checkout for the payment gateway. It used the Heroku buildpack to deploy to Heroku.


Why are we doing this project?

ThoughtWorks' Building an Equitable Future working group research the social impact of tech trends, with a view to building a more equitable tech future. We want to continue from the success of the Building a more equitable tech future ideation day on 30th September to bring together technical and non-technical people to create tech solutions to drive positive social impact with technology.

We want to sustainably support and scale up projects that have a clear positive impact on society.

We carried out a three month accelerator programme, hosted by ThoughtWorks that took 2 of the 6 projects created during the Building an Equitable Tech Future Ideation day to build a protoptype. This is one of the prototypes that was built in collaboration with HumanityX.

Problem statement

The prototype sought to do the following: Disrupt Charitable Giving: We are finding a cheaper and more efficient way to donate to unbanked or underbanked parties.

Want to get involved?

We would really welcome more contributors to continue the work we have begun. This is work in progress and we still need to find an end to end technical solution that would follow this flow:

  • Money is received through the payment gateway (implemented via the Stripe Gateway)
  • A bank account deposits that money received from the payment gateway
  • A destination account is needed for the money to be moved to the country where the charity is based
  • From that account the money is deposited to M-Pesa so the beneficiary can withdraw the donation without the need of a cash point

If you'd like to get involved please contact us on the Meetup page here, we can add you to the slack & to be a contributor to this open source project.

Table of contents

Getting started

Clone the repository:

$ git clone git@github.com:EthicsAndTech/HumanityX.git

Change directory to the folder:

$ cd HumanityX

Install dependencies:

$ yarn install


$ yarn start-dev

Deploy to Heroku

See the site here