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# Etica.AI
**Etica.AI is concerned about long-term social & ethical implications of artificial intelligence on Africa/Latin America. Do it via grassroots acts in short-term.**

## Quick links
![Status of this document: Work in progress](docs/img/badges/status-work-in-progress.svg)
Note: this section of document is being updated to reflect the entry of new
coordinating members as well as evolution of our focus.
[See the 2018 version](

### The organization
- [GitHub Organization: EticaAI](
- [Facebook Page: Etica.AI](
- [Twitter Account: EticaAI](
- [LinkedIn Organization: etica-ai](
- [Etica.AI Forum](

# [Etica.AI Forum](
Etica.AI is at present a very small group of Latin Americans concerned with
gathering information about the philosophy and the use of automation and
artificial intelligence in which it privileges the human side of technology.
@@ -73,3 +97,6 @@ repositories maintained by this organization. Not all are listed here.
Some projects are incubated outside EticaAI GitHub account and depending of the
results could be imported. Read the []( to
know about they.
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# Requeriment: pybadges (see
# `pip install pybadges`

# Hint: to do a fast preview, replace '> filename.svg' with '--browser', example:
## python -m pybadges --left-text='Label here' --right-text='Value here' --right-color='#26A65B' --browser

python -m pybadges --left-text='Status of this document' --right-text='Work in progress' --right-color='#FF773D' > status-work-in-progress.svg
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