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"""Most basic colorbar class."""
from ...utils import color2tuple, wrap_properties, cmap_to_glsl
__all__ = ('CbarArgs', 'CbarBase')
class CbarArgs(object):
"""Manage the different inputs for the colormap creation.
cmap : string | None
Matplotlib colormap (like 'viridis', 'inferno'...).
clim : tuple/list | None
Colorbar limit. Every values under / over clim will
isvmin : bool | False
Activate/deactivate vmin.
vmin : float | None
Every values under vmin will have the color defined
using the under parameter.
isvmax : bool | False
Activate/deactivate vmax.
vmax : float | None
Every values over vmin will have the color defined
using the over parameter.
under : tuple/string | None
Matplotlib color under vmin.
over : tuple/string | None
Matplotlib color over vmax.
def __init__(self, cmap=None, clim=None, isvmin=False, vmin=None,
isvmax=False, vmax=None, under=None, over=None):
# Cmap/Clim/Vmin/Vmax/Under/Over :
self._cmap, self._clim = cmap, clim
self._vmin, self._vmax = vmin, vmax
self._isvmin, self._isvmax = isvmin, isvmax
self._under, self._over = under, over
self._minmax = None
def to_kwargs(self, addisminmax=False):
"""Return a dictionary for input arguments.
addisminmax : bool | False
Specify if the returned dictionary have to had the ismin and
ismax variables.
kwargs = {}
kwargs['cmap'] = self._cmap
kwargs['clim'] = self._clim
kwargs['vmin'] = self._vmin if self._isvmin else None
kwargs['under'] = self._under
kwargs['vmax'] = self._vmax if self._isvmax else None
kwargs['over'] = self._over
if addisminmax:
kwargs['isvmin'], kwargs['isvmax'] = self._isvmin, self._isvmax
return kwargs
def _get_glsl_colormap(self, limits=None):
"""Get a GLSL version of the colormap.
limits : tuple | None
A tuple of floats defining the limits of the data.
cmap : class:`vispy.color.Colormap`
Colormap instance.
limits = limits if limits is not None else self._minmax
return cmap_to_glsl(limits=limits, **self.to_kwargs())
def _update_cbar_args(self, cmap, clim, vmin, vmax, under, over):
"""Update colorbar elements."""
kw = dict(clim=clim, cmap=cmap, vmin=vmin, vmax=vmax, under=under,
self._isvmax = isinstance(vmax, (int, float))
self._isvmin = isinstance(vmin, (int, float))
return kw
def update_from_dict(self, kwargs):
"""Update attributes from a dictionary."""
for k, i in kwargs.items():
off = '_' if k != 'cmap' else ''
if not isinstance(i, str):
exec('self.' + off + k + '=' + str(i))
exec("self." + off + k + "='" + str(i) + "'")
# ----------- CMAP -----------
def cmap(self):
"""Get the cmap value."""
return self._cmap
def cmap(self, value):
"""Set cmap value."""
self._cmap = value
class CbarBase(CbarArgs):
"""Base class for colorbar.
cblabel : string | ''
Colorbar label.
cbtxtsz : float | 5..
Text size of the colorbar label.
cbtxtsh : float | 2.3
Shift for the colorbar label.
txtcolor : string | 'white'
Text color.
txtsz : float | 3.
Text size for clim/vmin/vmax text.
txtsh : float | 1.2
Shift for clim/vmin/vmax text.
border : bool | False
Display colorbar borders.
bw : float | 2.
Border width.
limtxt : bool | True
Display vmin/vmax text.
bgcolor : tuple/string | (0., 0., 0.)
Background color of the colorbar canvas.
ndigits : int | 2
Number of digits for the text.
def __init__(self, cmap='viridis', clim=(0, 1), vmin=None, isvmin=False,
vmax=None, isvmax=False, under='gray', over='red', cblabel='',
cbtxtsz=5., cbtxtsh=2.3, txtcolor='white', txtsz=3.,
txtsh=1.2, width=.17, border=False, bw=2., limtxt=True,
bgcolor=(0., 0., 0.), ndigits=2, minmax=None, fcn=None,
CbarArgs.__init__(self, cmap, clim, isvmin, vmin, isvmax, vmax, under,
# Cb text :
self._cblabel = cblabel
self._cbtxtsz = cbtxtsz
self._cbtxtsh = cbtxtsh
# Text :
self._txtcolor = txtcolor
self._txtsz = txtsz
self._txtsh = txtsh
self._limtxt = limtxt
# Settings :
self._bgcolor = bgcolor
self._border = border
self._bw = bw
self._ndigits = ndigits
self._width = width
if fcn is None:
def fcn():
self._fcn = fcn
if minmaxfcn is None:
def minmaxfcn():
self._minmaxfcn = minmaxfcn
def __getitem__(self, key):
"""Get item (usefull for CbarObjects)."""
return eval('self._' + key)
def __setitem__(self, key, value):
"""Set self items."""
if not isinstance(value, str):
exec("self._" + key + "=" + str(value))
exec("self._" + key + "='" + value + "'")
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
def to_dict(self):
"""Return a dictionary of all colorbar args."""
cblab = self._cblabel
if not cblab and hasattr(self, '_default_cblabel'):
cblab = self._default_cblabel
if self._clim is None:
self._clim = (0., 1.)
to = dict(cmap=self._cmap, clim=[float(k) for k in self._clim],
isvmin=self._isvmin, vmin=self._vmin, vmax=self._vmax,
under=list(color2tuple(self._under, float)),
over=list(color2tuple(self._over, float)),
isvmax=self._isvmax, cblabel=cblab,
cbtxtsz=float(self._cbtxtsz), cbtxtsh=float(self._cbtxtsh),
txtcolor=list(color2tuple(self._txtcolor, float)),
txtsz=float(self._txtsz), txtsh=float(self._txtsh),
border=self._border, bw=float(self._bw), limtxt=self._limtxt,
bgcolor=list(color2tuple(self._bgcolor, float)),
ndigits=int(self._ndigits), width=float(self._width))
return to
def update(self):
"""Fonction to run when an update is needed."""
if self._fcn is not None:
raise ValueError("No updating function found.")
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