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Converter consumer

The converter consumer is used to interact with converter-type endpoints.

Each method below returns a PHP array equivalent to the JSON data returned by the API.

N.B.: The amount of coins is always expressed in copper.



public function convert($quantity)

The convert method converts an amount of currency and get the current exchange rate.


use Crystalgorithm\DurmandScriptorium\Facade as DurmandScriptorium;
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$api = new DurmandScriptorium();

// Get the amount of coins obtained for 100 gems
$coins = $api->gems()->convert(100);

The above snippet of code will return the following results:

// $coins
array (size=2)
  'coins_per_gem' => int 963
  'quantity' => int 96386


BadRequestException when an insufficient amount of currency is used (quantity lower than the exchange rate).