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Upload & listing files

"goupload" is a simple manager images files with these functionalities:

  • upload a file
    • only "gif", "jpg" & "png" extensions
    • limitation size to 2 Mb
  • display file informations
    • name
    • size
    • date of last modifications
    • dimensions: width & height
  • delete a file

Classic installation

  1. Install: go get
  2. Launch the server since the folder application: go run main.go
  3. Access to the server with the URL address:

Docker installation

  1. Put you in the application folder
  2. Build the image: sudo docker build -t go_upload .
  3. Run the application in a temporarly container: sudo docker run --publish 3000:3000 --name go_upload_test --rm go_upload
  4. Access to the server with the URL address: