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Supporting scripts for the submitted paper: "Cortical modeling of context effects in perceived differences among complex sounds" by Thoret E., Caramiaux B., Depalle P., McAdams S.

This project is separated into two parts:

  1. a mds based analysis of the 17 datasets in folder './mds_based_analysis/'
  2. a part concerning the optimisation of gaussian kernels in './optimized_metrics/'


  1. Paste the './ext/' folder (private link provided to reviewers) in the main repo './corticalTimbre/'

  2. MDS based analysis (MATLAB)

    • Run analyses with main_MDS_BASED_ANALYSIS.m
    • Generate figure by running Figure2.m
  3. Metric learning: optimisation of gaussian kernels written in python (python 3.X). We are providing 6 different scripts corresponding to the different analysis of the paper.

    • '': run optimisation of between-sounds metrics (optimised metrics are logged in folder './out_folder')
    • '': run optimisation of between-sounds metrics with decimated representation.
    • '': run analysis of the optimised metrics
    • '': compute correlations between perceptual dissimilarities and euclidean distances between STRFs
    • '': generalizability analysis
    • '': correlations between optimised metrics and the variability of sound representations


Python dependencies: tensorly, numpy, matplotlib, aifc, tensorflow

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