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A simple JS object to call the API of TheMovieDB.
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A simple JS object to call the API of TheMovieDB.

Get Started

First, insert the script into your HTML file :

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/tmdb.js"></script>

Set your api_key on line 4.
(You can make calls to the API with SSL/TLS by modifying the uri to begin with https:// instead of http://)

Test the script by making a simple call with the console :"/configuration", {},
    console.log("Success: "+e)
    console.log("Error: "+e)

It should always return a JSON object. If you get the error callback, then it's probably that you made a mistake in your api_key or in the url (first argument of

Usage, params, success, error)

url (String) : The method you want to call, beginning with "/". See all methods here
params (Object) : Set your parameters here. Api_key is already included, no need to add it again ;) For example (calling method /search/movie) :

  "query": "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy",
  "year": 2005,
  include_adult: false

success & error (Functions) : Callbacks with one argument to get the data, already parsed as JSON.