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Etisalat Wider Web

Etisalat Wider Web

The first of its kind* autistic-friendly web extension

The web can easily become overwhelming to people with Autism. That’s why we created Etisalat Wider Web to simplify the way some experience the web. The web extension is the first of its kind and curates the user experience to people who are on the autistic spectrum.

Etisalat Wider Web adopts a wide range of technologies in order to streamline the experience of autistic people on the web:

  • Cleared up interface
  • Option to choose a sans serif font
  • Three color schemes: dark, medium and light grey
  • Advertising removal
  • Blocking of video’s auto play
  • Audio volume reduction

The extension is available on almost every website and in every language. It’s currently optimized for the most visited UAE websites.

Please note that the extension isn’t adaptable to some blacklisted websites. Please get in touch with these sites’ developers to ask for adaptability.

All feedback is welcome and encouraged through the report button on the extension interface.

We are also very proud to say that the extension, although developed by Etisalat, is an open source technology and we invite anyone to contribute to its constant improvement and wider adoption.

*According to autism experts in the UAE.

Setup instructions

Required node version : 12.0.0

Setup: npm install

Run: Chrome & Edge: npm run dev Firefox: npm run dev-firefox Safari: npm run dev-safari

Build: Chrome & Edge: npm run build Firefox: npm run build-firefox Safari: npm run build-safari


The first of its kind autistic-friendly web extension







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