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a simple DNS Server/Relay designed for Computer Networks course.
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A simple but full-functioned DNS server, designed for the Computer Networks course this semester. Both nslookup on Windows/Linux and dig on Linux are supported(Tested already). You can also change your local DNS server to it, and surf the internet freely(Tested already).

For the implementation, it is actually a local DNS server and remote DNS relay. We store some local records in json format, if the domain you are looking up for is in the file, we simply get the answer locally. If it is not, it will sent the query to another DNS server and when the response comes, we answer the query and dynamically update the config file. The detailed documentation is on the way.


an example is as below:

python -m dnsrelay -d -autosave --server_ip

For full information about the arguments, please use:

python -m dnsrelay -h


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