Yocto Project BSPs for Ettus Products
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mfischer meta-sulfur/meta-mender-sulfur: Fix EEPROM v2 support
Fix issue with EEPROM v2 support where MCU compat field
was not being honored, since the expand function in the
default environment would not make use of the ec_compat

Fixes 8fcdf8a ("meta-sulfur: recipes-bsp: u-boot: Add support ...")
Signed-off-by: Moritz Fischer <moritz@ettus.com>
Latest commit 6d4dcff Jul 16, 2018



This repository contains various layers for different NI (Ettus Research) Products

Supported devices

  - NI USRP N310/N300 series (meta-sulfur)
  - NI USRP E310/E312/E313 (meta-e31x, work in progress, boots but not functional)

Repository organization

The repository is split into several sublayers to allow for greater modularity.

    Contains common distro configuration


    Contains common core recipes, such as the developer-image


    Contains N310/N300 BSP. Defines machines such as ni-sulfur-rev3, ni-sulfur-rev4, etc.


    Contains changes for N310/N300 mender.io integration.
    Defines new machines ni-sulfur-rev{2,3,4,5,6}-mender to build with mender.io integration.


    Contains E310/E312/E313 BSP


    Contains changes for E310/E312/E313 mender.io integration.

Building an Image using the Alchemy distro

In you local.conf set a MACHINE from above

MACHINE ??= "ni-sulfur-rev6"
DISTRO ?= "Alchemy"

Additionally when building with mender.io support:

MACHINE ??= "ni-sulfur-rev6-mender"
INHERIT += "mender-full"

In your bblayers.conf make sure you have the required layers
(see sublayer README for individual layer dependencies)

An example for N310/N300 (sulfur) with mender.io support:

  /home/oe-builder/oe-core/meta \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-oe/meta-oe \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-oe/meta-python \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-ettus/meta-ettus-core \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-ettus/meta-alchemy \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-security/meta-tpm \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-oe/meta-filesystems \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-oe/meta-networking \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-ettus/meta-sulfur \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-ettus/meta-mender-sulfur \
  /home/oe-builder/meta-mender/meta-mender-core \