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Change Log for Releases
* E320: Fix front panel GPIO readback
* E320: Fix master_clock_rate setting
* E320: Print extra ouptut for ref_clock BIST
* E320: Fix gps_locked type
* E320: Fix return value of get_fpga_type()
* N3xx: Enable setting clock and time sources at runtime
* N3xx: Add ref_clock BIST
* N3xx: Improve set_time_source() and set_clock_source()
* N3xx: Add exception for init failure
* N3xx: Remove HA, XA images packages
* N3xx: Change init() procedure to reduce configuration time
* N310: Add frequency bounds
* N310: Fix RX antenna mapping
* N310: Add log messages when re-initializing dboards
* N310: Add skip_rfic argument to reduce time of BIST
* N310: Add initialization of TX bandwidth
* E310: Fix initialization of antenna and frequency values
* E310: Type-cast fix for Boost
* X300: Improve firmware compat error message
* X300: Updated niusrprio driver
* X300: Add recovery for duplicate IP addresses in EEPROM
* X300: Prevent duplicate MAC and IP addresses from being programmed
* X300: New mode to configure master clock rate
* X300: Implement RFNoC get antenna functions
* B2xx: Fix values of MASK_GPIO_SHDN_SW and GPIO_AUX_PWR_ON in firmware
* B2xx: Revert changes to DSP core to fix scaling factor adjustment
* B2xx: Restore asynchronous reset of AD936x
(fixes LIBUSB_TRANSFER_OVERFLOW and unexpected sid errors)
* TwinRX: enable ch1 lo amps if ch2 is using an external lo source
* TwinRX: Correctly initialize antenna mapping on X300
* TwinRX: Revise ADF5356 frac2 register calculation to prevent drifting spurs
* TwinRX: Fix initialization
* TwinRX: Tuning improvements
* TwinRX: Enable phase resync on ADF535x
* TwinRX: Make routing to LO1 and LO2 mutually exclusive
* BasicRX/LFRX: Fix real mode in rx_frontend_core_3000
* UHD: Define UHD_API as empty string when building static lib
* UHD: Changed to 'all_matching' endpoint resolution for udp_simple transport
* UHD: Add support for NEON SIMD
* UHD: Fix usb_dummy_impl compilation in MSVC
* UHD: Reconcile time_spec operators with boost concepts
* UHD: Fix rounding in ddc/duc rate calculation
* UHD: Increase MPMD RPC timeout when calling set_time_source()
* UHD: Fix RX streamer SOB and EOB handling
* UHD: Add UHD_SAFE_CALL to block_ctrl_base destructor
* UHD: Change SOVERSION to ABI string and VERSION to full UHD version
* UHD: Update cmake style to use lower case commands
* UHD: Improve logic for UHD_IMAGES_DIR
* UHD: Fix return value of get_rolloff() for filters
* UHD: Properly register devtest
* UHD: Fix log statement for Port number on RFNoC block
* UHD: Use "MATCHES" instead of "STREQUAL" for "Clang"
* UHD: Fix GPGGA string formatting for gpsd
* Device3: Set default block control response SIDs
* Device3: Fix block control flushing
* RFNoC: Improved flushing mechanism in noc_shell and dma_fifo
* RFNoC: Install missing dma_fifo_block_ctrl header
* RFNoC: Replace some [] with .at() in radio_ctrl_impl
* RFNoC: Fix graph traversal
* MPM: Add Git hash, version to device info
* MPM: Reset the RPC server upon reload
* MPM: TDC: Update PDAC BIST and flatness test to use latest APIs
* MPM: Fix handling of 0-valued dt-compat
* MPM: Fix GPSD sensor names for N3xx and E320
* MPM: Add args to update_ref_clock_freq to properly support dynamic setting
* of clock and time references
* MPM: Fix Pylint warnings
* MPM: Identify sysfs gpios more generically
* MPM: Add lock_guard() function
* MPM: Factor E320 and N3xx BIST code into common module
* MPM: Add gpsd error handling
* MPM: Add FPGA git hash to device info
* MPMD: Increase RPC timeout during readng mb sensor
* MPMD: Improve error message for compat number mismatches
* Python API: Enable Python API on Windows
* Python API: Change .dll to .pyd for Win32
* Python API: Fixing Boost.Python initializer visibility
* Python API: Fix duration of benchmark rate
* Python API: Add missing constructors of time_spec_t
* Python API: Expose streamer timeouts
* Python API: Tighten the scope of releasing the GIL
* Python API: Add device_addr_t
* Python API: Populate the tune_result_t binding
* Utils: Many fixes and enhancements for uhd_images_downloader
* Utils: Update query_gpsdo_sensors to work on E310
* Examples: Removed some legacy code patterns from RFNoC examples
* Examples: Fix channel argument for rx_samples_to_file
* Examples: Fix benchmark_rate MIMO synchronization
* Examples: Add phase alignment example
* Examples: Fix RX antenna not being applied in txrx_loopback_to_file
* Test: Add more env vars, make Py3k compatible
* Test: Add to devtest
* Test: Clean up, refactor, and improve devtest
* Test: Enable rx_samples_to_file in E320 devtest and N3xx devtest
* Test: Reduce sample rate for E320 1G devtest
* Test: Add unit test for eeprom_utils
* Docs: Add clock_source and time_source to n3xx argument list and fix WR clock_source call
* Docs: Minor tweaks to the Python API manual page
* Docs: Add E320 test procedures
* Docs: Added TwinRX page
* Docs: Fix N210 MIMO Phase Alignment test command
* Docs: Add E320 information
* Docs: Improve sections on clock/time references
* Docs: Add section on X300 motherboard clocking
* Docs: Add more information on Salt for N3xx and E320
* Docs: Adjust E310 functional verification tests
* Docs: Add documentation on GIL release
* Debian: Update control files
* Images: Add N3xx CPLD file to manifest
* N3xx: Fix issue where changing the clock/time source could result in
clocks becoming unlocked
* N3xx: Improve error messages for invalid clock/time settings
* N3xx: Add support for Rev G mboard
* MPM: Add function parameter to support holding AD9371 in reset
* Docs: Add section on building fs/SD images for N3xx
* Docs: Fix Doxygen warnings
* N3xx: Fix UIO usage in Aurora BIST
* N3xx: Fix EEPROM parsing (for upcoming hardware)
* UHD: Fix install path for Python API
* N3x0: Enable fast-reinit, fix power level issue, accept 0x01 PID for
AD9371, fix concurrency issues with Liberio
* B200: Fix sc8/sc12 modes, fix frame-size related issues, fix tick rate
coercion, fix issues on update of tick rate, fix EOB-not-seen
* E310: Move to RFNoC architecture (this disables network mode!)
* UBX: Fix phase synchronization for 184.32 MHz master clock rate,
* multi_usrp: Fix get_?x_info() API calls
* UHD: Remove more Boost usage, fix some compiler warnings, default to
all-channels subdev specs for X3x0 and N3x0, various LMX2592
fixes, bump minimum CMake to 2.8.2, fix logging dtor issues
* RFNoC: Merge all existing RFNoC features into master
* FPGA: Fix various testbenches, add batch testbench execution mode,
improve uhd_image_builder and uhd_image_builder_gui, add all
existing RFNoC features
* Add Python API
* MPM: Enable Rev2 EEPROM format, fix some rare issues when detecting
Ethernet devices
* CMake: Allow to override UHD_GIT_BRANCH, fix Python-finding logic, add
ENABLE_N300 target
* N3x0: Add White Rabbit support, add N300 support, standard BIST
includes fan, fix issue with 1GigE, switch to 2 radio blocks
with 2 channels each, upgrade TDC to version 2.0, fix issue in
ARM deframer
* X300: Enable BasicRX to use A/B/AB/BA muxing setups, more consistent
logging, fix enumeration issue with TwinRX
* USRP2/N2x0: Re-add ability to modulate in the DAC, improve ISE
settings to better meet timing
* B205mini: Fix global reset, improve timing in b205_ref_pll
* UHD: Remove a lot of Boost usage, mostly replaced by C++11 features,
more unit tests, fix Boost 1.67 compatibility, fix compiler
warnings, add API to query clock rate range, fix get_usrp_?x_info
* MPM: Refactored N3xx code, moved C++ standard to 14, refactor
Boost.Python bindings, use CMake variable MPM_DEVICE
* Logging: Allow disabling fastpath msgs at runtime
* Docs: Clarified meaning of DSP frequencies, improved manual
section on synchronization, added some known issues to B100,
USRP2, and USRP1, update test test procedure description
* Examples: Improved benchmark_rate (added failure thresholds, fixed
incorrect calculation of samples on drops, fixed timeout values),
minor fixes to txrx_loopback_to_file
* Utils: Handle U's in calibration tools, is now Py3k
compatible, fixed
* RFNoC: DDCs/DUCs use DDSes instead of CORDIC, add DMA-based replay
block in FPGA, add 64-bit support to axi_wrapper, add compat
number to radio block,
* Debian: Fix rules file, fix Changelog format
* Fix license headers
* This release includes all bugfixes and features from previous
releases, in particular, the 3.11.* release cycle
* Known issues: N310: In some rare scenarios at high rates, streaming
can fail and even bring the FPGA into a bad state.
* N310: fix compiler warnings
* N310: Implement digital loopback
* N3xx: Add N3xx devtest
* X300: Properly coerce master clock rate (tick rate)
* X300: handle bad weak_ptr during pcie discovery
* X300: handle bad weak_ptr during pcie discovery
* X300: Fix check_radio_config() to fix errors when using a single dboard
in slot A
* B200: docs: Suggest modifying recv_frame_size for more stability
* B200: Fix bandwidth warnings and ranges
* N2xx: Fix regression issue that limited tuning range
* UBX: Change antenna functions to coercers on antenna/value properties
* adf4002: Fix register programming for power down bit
* UHD: Fix config file path for some Windows builds
* UHD: Add operators == and != for uhd::dict
* UHD: Add device_addr_t constructor from map
* UHD: Fix range of gain group to skip gains with zero step
* UHD: Changes to support Boost 1.67
* UHD: Correctly set end of burst flag in RX metadata
* UHD: Reduce usage of boost::assign, boost::this_thread::sleep, and boost:bind
* UHD: Update multi_usrp::get_usrp_?x_info() for MPM devices
* UHD: Refactor static const values to fix linker errors in niusrprio
* mpm: cmake: Add git hash and version info to Python module
* mpm: Add reference counters to UIO
* mpm: Add offset to EEPROM reads
* mpm: Disable PPS out during initialization
* mpm: Update cmake to find the correct python3
* mpm: Bump maximum supported revision to 5 (Rev F)
* mpm: Fixed db slot typo in db-id
* mpm: Increased claim timeout, made a separate RPC connection for claim, and
added asyn calls for long RPC executions
* mpm: Improve xport<->SFP mapping algorithm
* mpmd: Improved find routine to fail fast and verify correct device is
* mpmd: Add missing virtual destructors
* rfnoc/x300: Make sure peek32() and peek64() are called with actual addresses
* rfnoc: ctrl_iface cleanup
* rfnoc radio: Improve warning for too many samples requested
* rfnoc radio: get_rx_stream resets sequence num
* examples: Increase settling time, increase buffer fill time, and fix subdevice
selection in txrx_loopback_to_file
* examples: Improvements to benchmark_rate
* utils: downloader supports multiple RegExs
* utils: Added code to handle underruns during self calibration
* utils: Fix 30s tiemout in query_gpsdo_sensors
* logging: Improve style consistency and demote some messages
* logging: Fix UHD_LOG_FILE cmake variable
* Docs: Add Known Issues section to USRP1, B100, and USRP2/N2x0
* Docs: Hide dependencies directory from Doxygen
* Docs: Clarify subdev specs and magnesium driver usage for N300/N310
* cmake: Improve warning for missing requests
* cmake: update NSIS template
* cmake: Remove images downloader section (replaced by manifest)
* N300: Added driver support (includes some refactoring of N3xx
* MPM: Fix PyLint warnings, Fix error handling for TCA communication
errors, Fix printout of AD9371 version
* uhd_images_downloader: Create unique archive names for images archives
(now include git hashes in the filename)
* uhd_images_downloader: Fix SHA256 check
* utils: Add support for N3xx filesystem images to images downloader
* UHD: Minor logging fixes
* UHD: fix legacy compat to work with 2TX radio block
* X300: improve lvbitx bitstream md5 read time
* examples: Enhance benchmark_rate with more stats and timestamps for errors
* cmake: Correctly fail when an unavailable component is requested
* debian: Add UHDConfig.cmake to install list for libuhd-dev
* N310: Added driver
* UBX: Add support for CAL antenna for Rev E
* Added the module peripheral manager (MPM) with all subcomponents (N310
drivers, mpm_shell, RPC server, BIST, etc.)
* UHD: Added rpclib as a internally tracked dependency
* UHD: Reduced the usage of Boost
* UHD: Updated uhd_images_downloader: Now uses more elaborate manifest to
optimize downloads
* UHD: Introduced uhdlib internal include paths
* UHD: Add support for configuration files. USRP settings can now be set using
a uhd.conf file in addition to device args
* UHD: Add narrow and narrow_cast
* gr-usrptest: Various bugfixes
* Updated required Vivado version to 2017.4
* Updated all license headers to use SPDX identifiers and correctly identify
Ettus Research as part of National Instruments
* This release includes all bugfixes and features from previous releases, in
particular, the 3.10.* release cycle
* X300
** Fix max rate calculation for 1 GbE
** Fix for DAC synchronization errors (unexpected FIFO depth)
** Reduced CPU usage during TX
* N230
** Properly initialize request structure before discovery
* B200
** FX3 firmware performance opitimizations
** Fixed sequence error on second TX burst
* TwinRX
** Added ADF5356 synth and Rev C support
** Add implementation of TDD xcvr_mode and for TX PA on in TDD mode (to reduce transient on older revs)
** Add support for UBX-TDD
** Fixed dboard EEPROM revision error handling
** Make uhd_rx_streamer_last_error use SAFE_C
** Better error handling in uhd_usrp_get_[t/r]x_stream
** Fix ctrl_iface to pop sequence numbers only after success
** Fix sequence number error message in ctrl_iface
** FPGA fix for sr_read() failure to ack errors
** FPGA fix for repeated sequence number for RX packets with 1 sample
** FPGA fix for axi_serializer edge case
* Docs
** Fixed B200 power LED description
** Update README application links
** Utilize poll() instead of select() for UDP transports where possible to avoid descirptor limits
** Fix build with Boost 1.66
** Add EEPROM info to dboard_base class so daughterboard code can access all EEPROM info
* multi_usrp: Fixed get_normalized_tx_gain.
* E300: Fix for streamer recreation issue. Reduced minimum timeout, fixed
potential race condition.
* X300: Fix for network discovery, will now return early when correct serial is
found. Fixed issue with DAC sync. All async messages now go through
single DMA channel on PCIe. Improved TX performance. Fixed page size
acquisition for PCIe. Fixed some FW communication errors. Improved flow
control. Removed MTU throttling. Legacy compat falls back to min spp
for mixed transport types.
* CBX: Fixed LO LPF behaviour in 1.5-2 GHz range.
* UBX: Fixed dtor SIGABRT issue. Better error handling for various dboard clock
* TwinRX: Added LO reimport feature.
* GPSDO: Improved detection. Improved query_gpsdo sensor.
* RFNoC: Fixed issue with DDC and DUC command tick rate.
* UHD: Fixed potential memory leak in tasks. Fixed get_normalized_tx_gain().
Fixed default socket buffer size to honor MTU.
* Examples: Added channel param to samps to/from file. sync_to_gps exits
instead of uncaught throw. latency_test improved output. Use
next_pps in test_clock_synch. Added TwinRX FHSS example.
* Utils: Modified behaviour of uhd_images_downloader so it won't delete dirs
when using -i
* Tools: Updates to CHDR dissector. Added set_time_source_out(). Fixed LO API.
* C API: Fixed some missing fields in USRP info.
* Docs: Many minor fixes. Fixed Doxygen warnings related to /* in files.
* CMake: Fixed GCC 4.4 compilation issue. Added ability to specify package
* Docs: The protocol for Gen-3 devices is now consistently referred to as CHDR.
* X300: Fixed EEPROM corruption bug (happened when two processes would access
find routines on the same device at the same time). Improved initialization
time. CE clock is now 214 MHz. Fixed channel list generation. Find routines
now more lenient in case one devices fails (others can still be found then).
Improve PCIe behaviour. Fix timed commands for non-TwinRX dboards. Improve
AXI Interconnect (faster, improved build timing).
* N230: Use second_addr (like X300).
* C API: Added UHD_VERSION macro. Fixed online rate change.
* Utils: Minor fixes to uhd_images_downloader.
* Build/CMake: Fixed some Py3k build issues. Fixed many compiler warnings. Allow
to specify package names.
* RFNoC: Fixed sampling rate mismatch error. Noc-Shell uses a non-cascaded 2-clk
FIFO. Increase default FIFO sizes on DUC and DDC blocks.
* UBX: Force on RX driver to eliminate transient.
* Transport code: Fixed memory leak.
* FPGA repository: Merged usrp3_rfnoc and usrp3 directories again. Cleaned up
superfluous files. Clean separation between Gen-3 and other devices in usrp3.
* Fixed multiple compiler warnings
* Multiple documentation fixes
* X300: RX strobe lines are always in sync on device initialization. DB EEPROM
now properly written. ignore-cal-file no longer ignored. Fixed case where too
large recv_frame_size settings could break things. Reduced ZPU clock speed
(helps FPGA timing). Added area constraints for AXI interconnect. Improved
halfband scaling in rx_frontend. Improved PCIe streaming reliability
* B2xx: Clear sequence numbers in idle state.
* RFNoC: Nodes disconnect on destruction. Fixed setting of correct bits on
sr_error_policy. DDC does no longer clear timed commands on EOB. DUC fixed
timed CORDIC tuning. Enable Noc-Shell response FIFOs (fixes simultaneous
commands on multiple channels).
* UBX: Changed default performance parameters
* TwinRX: LEDs properly light up depending on channels. Fixed issue of multiple
(redundant) writes. Simplified API steps for phase synchronization
* XCVR: Query dboard clock instead of DAC clock. Helps in X3x0s.
* GPS: Fixed message for case when no GPS is present. Fixed multiple GPS-related
* Converters: Fixed floating point rounding error in tests.
* Utils: uhd_usrp_probe can now query vectors
* Fixed issue that prevented soft_regs working on 32-bit systems
* Tools: Merged dissectors into common directory.
* CMake: -Og is the default now for gcc-based Debug builds.
* Changed version string to quadruplets (Major.API.ABI.Patch)
* Minimum dependencies bumped for gcc, Boost, CMake, clang and Python.
* TwinRX: Added support. Includes LO API for multi_usrp.
* N230: Added support
* Added expert framework
* X300: Completely restructured to use RFNoC
* X300: FPGA builds include git hash, dual 10GigE receive is now supported
(allows 2x200 Msps receive over 2x10GigE connections), DMA FIFO (over DRAM)
now part of builds, added Aurora support
* WBX: Fixed bug that prevented LO locking with 50 MHz ref clock
* pkg-config: Added boost_system
* Utils: uhd_usrp_probe can query sensors, query_gpsdo_sensors: minor fixes,
and cleanup
* Examples: Bugfixes in tx_waveforms, benchmark_rate measures timeouts,
* USB subsystem: Cleanups and minor bugfixes
* Added devtest infrastructure
* Converters: Added s8 and s16 data types
* Added more aggressive optimization strategies for FPGA builds
* Xilinx IP tool upgrade scripts cleaned up
## 003.009.005
* B200: Update DSPs after changing tick rate
* X300: Added option to disable ADC self test, prevent DAC from
* UBX: Fixed noise issues, reduced power consumption/heat, added codes for
upcoming board revisions, force RX LNAs on (reduces rx settling time)
* WBX: Fixed rev2 and rev3 boards on X300
* Utils/Examples: Cleaned up query_gpsdo_sensors, test_dboard_coercion,
* Manual: Minor fixes and updates
* CMake: Fix lib64 detection, better platform detection, Doxygen may use shorter
* Octoclock: GPSDO-related fixes, sequence number consistency fixes, UART
fixes (off-by-one errors). uhd_usrp_probe will pick up an OC now,
added Wireshark dissector for OC packets
## 003.009.004
* GPIO control: Fix address mismatch for RX and full duplex.
This fixes full-duplex mode for most devices.
* B200: Fixed auto rate selection (can now select 61.44 Msps)
* UBX: Fix member declaration order which could cause
segfaults for debug builds
* Manual/Docs: Numerous fixes, use dot for graphs in manual
* Utils: multiple fixes for query_gpsdo_sensors, fixed floating point
* Windows: Include registry file in installation
* Converters: Improve NEON converters
## 003.009.003
* UBX: Fixed a phase synchronization issue on the sub-1GHz band
* USB: Fixed transport issue that crashed when multiple USB devices were
connected on a Windows machine, more graceful handling of USB disconnects,,
provided .cdf file for installing on Windows
* B200: Fixed memory growth/increasing tune times issue
* E300: Fixed memory leak with udev, fixed issue with autoboot value, fixes
to button behaviour
* usrp2, usrp3: Fixed IQ imbalance and DC bias in DDC chain
* CMake: Windows registry fixes
* Fixed several compiler warnings and minor bugs
* Examples: Updated benchmark_rate for improved thread safety
## 003.009.002
* E310: Added support for Speedgrade 3
* B205mini: Added support
* E310: Fixed reference counting bug
* B210: Fixed external clock reference bug for devices using ADF4002 PLLs
* B210: Fixed codec loopback test
* OctoClock: Fixed firmware burning on Windows
* B2XX, E3XX, X3XX: Easier time-syncing features. Fixes bug where B210s would
only run after issuing set_time_unknown_pps().
* X3XX: Fixed bug for IQ imbalance correction
* E310: DRAM testbenching
* Docs/Manual: Many updates and fixes
## 003.009.001
* B200mini: Updated udev rules, removed DCM
* B200: Better USB error messages
* Cores: Fixed CORDIC scaling issue on all devices that use
* X300: Fixed GPIO issue
* Examples: Added PPS source option
* Docs: Multiple manual updates
## 003.009.000
* X300: Updated DAC ctrl, FPGA toolchain is now entirely Vivado,
improved master clock controls, added ADC self-cal capability,
prepared for revisions 7 and 8, fixed flow control issue which
could cause device to hang when receiving too many overruns
* B2XX: Auto clock rate setting, added PID/VID pairs to support
all B2XX- and derivatives, added temperature sensor, improved
DC offset and IQ imbalance correction, added AGC support,
support for FPGPIO connector on Rev6+ boards, full clock range support,
updated FX3 firmware (side-channel logging capabilities, updated
tx voltage swing, better configurability), default tick rate now
16 MHz, added B200mini support
* E3XX: Added temperature sensor, FPGA toolchain is now entirely Vivado,
improved DC offset and IQ imbalance correction, added AGC support,
improved FPGA capture interface robustness for RFIC, make frame
sizes configurable, replaced GPS control code with gpsd interfacing
* Octoclock: Fixed bootloader + ethernet capabilities
* Compilers: Supported MSVC versions are now 2012, 2013, 2015
(dropped 2010 support), added MinGW capabilities
* Documentation: Many minor fixes and updates, merged all the
info from
* UHD: Added sid_t, CHDR-specific transports now get their own
(un)packer codes, fixed a lot of compiler warnings, added
filter API (currently available for AD9361 frontend), added
soft-register API, replaced Cheetah with Mako, full Py3k
compliance, updated images downloader tool (now is one tool
for all devices), CMake minimum version is now 2.8, refactored
general AD9361 peripheral management, refactored most core
control management, added usb_error type (used by B2xx devices),
better exception handling at runtime, added C wrapper API,
new dependency: python-requests
* C API: Added to UHD (wraps C++ calls in C)
* multi_usrp: Added normalized gain setters/getters, IQ imbalance
+ DC offset correction API, filter API
* Converters: Converter symbols now exported, better logging,
removed ORC dependency, added u8 converters
* Examples: Whitespace- and other cleanup, multi-channel fixes for
some examples
* Utils: Read more property tree types from the command line
* Tools: kitchen sink updated, added mega_fft
## 003.008.005
* E3xx: Added support for battery-based E3xx device (E312),
get_freq() for network mode, fixed GPS time initialization bug
* AD9361-based devices: Fixed frequency readback bug
* B200: Fixed DCM issues, better loopback failure handling,
fix erroneous warning for custom clock rates
* X3x0: Better warnings for clock reate / ref freq
* multi_usrp: Added define for GPIO capabilities (enables
exposure in GNU Radio)
* UHD: sc16->sc16 SSE converter
* Manual: Multiple minor updates, FPGA manual improvements,
* Build System: Fixed builds on some Windows platforms, removed
stray prints
## 003.008.004
* B200: Fixed EEPROM writing bug, updated images for B200 Rev5/6
* E300: GPS antenna power defaults to staying on, GPS time used as
default if available
* UBX: PDF frequency fix on X300
* USRP2: Bugfix that allows latest UHD to work with USRP2
* Documentation: Many fixes for E300 section, added FPGA manual
## 003.008.003
* UBX: Fixed phase synchronization issues
(Related changes: Change X300 daughterboard frequency, increase
N210 FIFO depth)
* Fixed many compiler warnings
* B200: Fixed timing issues, fixed tick rate issue, stabilized
operations at high clock rates
* X300: Improved phase alignment across devices
* CMake: Build fixes
* E300: Flow control fix
## 003.008.002
* CMake: Introducing named versions for dev branches, enable static libs,
* E300: Docs updates, compat number bump, VCTCXO updates,
more status bits for ref locking, fixed serial number length fix,
RSSI Sensor
* B200: RSSI sensor
* AD9361: Better handling of different interpolation rates in FIR,
fix for gain value truncation, removed gain value offset
* UBX: Added drivers
* Manual/Docs: Numerous updates, minimum compiler versions now specified,
* Converters: Multiple fixes for sc12
* Examples: Fixes to txrx_loopback_to_file
* Path handling vastly improved, made more consistent
* Minor UHD fixes
## 003.008.001
* B2x0: Fixed PLL settings, Fixed external ref selection, serialized
streamer setup (thread-safety)
* X3x0: Fixed flow control issue, improved DAC ctrl + init logic,
Fixed I/Q alignment issue
* Generation-3 devices: Fixed LED registers
* UHD: Improved tuning logic for manual tunes
* Tools: Multiple kitchen sink fixes, coloured output
* Examples: Multiple bugfixes (multi-channel ops)
* Docs/Manual: Multiple fixes, E310 panel images
## 003.008.000
* Added E310 support
* B200/B210: Moved AD9361 controls from firmware to host
* Added several tools: ZPU dissector, improved CHDR dissector,
kitchen sink, B200/B210 USB debugging utility, latency
measurement tool.
* Reorganized firmware/ directory structure. Refactored some
* Removed FPGA sources, is now in own repository (submoduled).
* Cleaned up command line arguments for some tools
* Added math namespace, plus a unified float comparison infrastructure
* Fixed tuning-related bugs
* Moved manual over to Doxygen, also several manual bug fixes and
* Added many missing virtual destructors (less build warnings)
* Added support for NI-RIO 14.0
* X300 fixes: Not found over PCIe with no eth interfaces
* CMake improvements: Now comes with own UHDConfig.cmake and example
to build standalone UHD apps, build fixes on Apple, interoperability
with GNU Radio
* OctoClock fixes and improvements: Ethernet initialization, external
ref detection, stability fixes, host driver (UHD can now talk to
* Examples: Improved GPIO example, rx_samples_to_file
* Bumped minimum Boost version to 1.46
## 003.007.003
* Fixed examples
* Removed compiler warnings
* Fixed CBX LO settings (FRAC truncation)
* Fixed build issues for out-of-tree tools for some distros
* Fixed some logging strings (SBX, GPSDO)
* Improved logging (speedups, removed unnecessary cycles)
* Added output sync for DAC reference clocks on X300
* Multiple FPGA improvements, as well as upgrade of build env
* Added support for B200 vs B210 discovery
## 003.007.002
* Fixed X300 phase alignment issues
* Fixed CMake 2.6 incompatibility issues
* EEPROM burner improvements
* Properly flushing PCIe chain on device to prevent stale data.
* Adjusted bus clock rate in FPGA to improve timing.
* Fixed issue where FPGA would fail to load FPGA image over PCIe.
* Fixed incompatibility issue with USRP2 FPGA burner utility.
* Fixed issue where ZPU would report empty NMEA strings from GPSDO.
* Updated some functions to no longer use deprecated Boost calls.
* Fixed issue where libusb would declare 'connection refused'.
* Fixed Windows library package naming.
* Updated documentation.
* Fixed reversed TX / RX colors in X300 LED indicators.
* DBSRX2 now works properly with X300 / X310.
* Updated include files to build on older distros of Linux.
* Fixed issue with 'item32' type converter from GNU Radio.
* Fixed issue where channels on B210 would occasionally not be phase-aligned.
* Fixed problem causing channels on B210 to swap between runs.
* Fixed issue in N-Series devices causing scaling error @ 50 MSps.
* The B200 / B210 now generates an internal PPS if none is provided.
* Improved performance on PCIe for X300.
* B200 / B210 properly reports clock rate (issue with float comparison).
* Fixed issue with filter selection in B200 that caused loss of RX power.
* Removed ref lock check from X300 where it wasn't necessary.
## 003.007.001
* Fixed issue with TVRX2 divider calculation.
* Fixed issue using calibration utilities on B-Side daughterboard in an X3xx.
* Replaced unsafe `sscanf` call in utilities.
* Properly initializing N-Series clock, fixing short transient on device boot-up.
* Improved `--help` output for a number of utilities & examples.
* Improved READMEs for directories.
* Fixed X3xx documentation with some clarifications.
* UHD will now tell you if you have requested a sample rate higher than the transport can deliver.
* Removed work-around necessary in RIO kernel module for zero-copy in PCIe for X3xx devices.
* Fixed issue where X3xx devices would lock-up when on networks with lots of traffic.
* The B2xx FX3 and AD9361 source code is now in UHD.
* Numerous B2xx stability improvements.
* Fixed includes for older OSes (e.g., Fedora 14).
* Fixed includes for older versions of Boost.
* Fixed PPS detection in X3xx with multiple time sources.
* Fixed overflow reporting for X3xx utilities.
* Fixed MTU / frame size detection for X3xx devices.
* Fixed B2xx filter chain causing wrong sample rate in some circumstances.
## 003.007.000
* Introduced USRP X300 and X310 support!
* Releasing a CHDR Dissector for Wireshark analysis
* Improved USRP B200 and B210 stability
* Introducing Integer-N tuning for WBX, SBX, CBX daughterboards
* Introducing support for 120 MHz versions of WBX, SBX, CBX
* Lots of new documentation
* New GPIO example for USRP X300
* Fixed threading bug in USRP B2xx code causing GQRX issue
* General UHD bug fixes & improvements
## 003.006.002
* Fixed bug in timed commands example.
* Improved compatibility for older versions of Boost.
* Fixed segmentation fault issue in converter code.
* Fixed binary-stripping for ARM builds.
* B2xx: Further improvements to code and images.
* Documentation links now installed to Start Menu in Windows.
* B2xx: More robust error checking in host code.
* B2xx: Improved error reporting.
* B2xx: Increase FPGA loading speed on USB 3
* B2xx: Re-programming FPGA without cycle now supported.
* B2xx: Larger RX SPP ceiling to support 16K transfers with larger RX FIFO in new FPGA image
* Updated internal READMEs and documentation.
* N-Series: netburner now accepts relative paths with '~'
* Completely re-written UHD Images Downloader, with numerous bug fixes and new features.
## 003.006.001
* B2xx: Fixed critical bug in 003.006.000 regarding USRP B2xx operation
## 003.006.000
* Many small fixes for bugs revealed by static analysis.
* Introduced support for the USRP B200 / B210
## 003.005.003
* E110:
** Fix FPGA Makefile build typo
* UHD:
** Fixed timespec irrational rate rounding
** Multichan streamer CPU utilization
## 003.005.002
* B100:
** Fix get send buffer timeout
* E1x0:
** Changes to bus timings for S issue
* USRP1:
** Restore broken EEPROM writing
## 003.005.001
* Misc:
** Fixes to images downloader
** Fixes to C++ net burner
** Added sleep(1) to query_gpsdo_sensors
* OSX:
** Fix for socket send code newer OS versions
* Changes from 3.4.5
## 003.005.000
* B100:
** Added timed commands feature
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 11.1
** Incremented firmware compat number to 3
* E1x0:
** Added timed commands feature
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 11.1
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Alternative stream destination on TX
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 10
* N2x0:
** Implemented timed-commands feature
** Implemented fast-commands feature
** Tune with phase sync using timed-commands
* RFX series
** Added calibration utilities support
* General:
** SSE2 conversions for sc8 RX samples
** Added multi-threading to packet converters
** Added automatic images fetcher application
## 003.004.005
* XCVR2450:
** Added XCVR2450 rev2 support
* WBX:
** Added WBX rev4 support
* Misc:
** Fix to rx_samples_to_udp byte count
** stream command enums easy on SWIG
## 003.004.004
* Gen2
** Fix RX and TX DSP scalar adjustments
* B100/E1x0
** Fixed RX ADC IQ inversion swap
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 9.4
## 003.004.003
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Net burner parser fix (windows)
* XCVR2450:
** Fix to disable automatic LO offset on TX
* N2x0:
** Deal with misc exceptions in net burner
* E1x0:
** Changes to add reliability to bus state machine
* USRP1:
** Shutoff the DAC on transmit EOB flags
** Revert 1st nyquist zone DAC calculation
## 003.004.002
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Card and net burner language fixes
** Net burner python v3 code fix
** Net burner IPv6 interface fix
* E1x0:
** Fix for FPGA timing issue with GPMC input
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 9.2
* B100:
** Fix USB wrapper/buffer release race condition
* USRP1:
** Fix DAC calculation for tune out of 1st nyquist zone
* General:
** Fix for recv packet handler time error check
** SIMD conversion routines priority over table look-up
** Fix undefined GCC float conversion behaviour for sc8
## 003.004.001
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Filter out invalid broadcast replies
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 9.1
* E1x0:
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 9.1
* B100:
** FPGA fixes for USB slave FIFO interface
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 9.3
* USRP1:
** Stop thread in deconstructor for race condition
** Fixed DBSRX + USRP1 i2c lockup condition
* Gen2:
** Fix for unintentional clear in deprecated recv() call
** Fix RX DC offset call to handle negative values
* FreeBSD:
** Fixed network relay example compilation
## 003.004.000
* USRP2/N2x0:
** 50 Msps RX/TX with sc8 mode over the wire
* B100:
** 16 Msps RX/TX with sc8 mode over the wire
** Added self-calibration utilities
* Gen2:
** Control RX/TX DC offset correction via API
** Control RX/TX IQ balance correction via API
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 9
* USRP1:
** Support 16Msps RX with sc8 mode over the wire
** Control RX DC offset correction via API
* Misc:
** Multiple streamers/heterogeneous rates
** Alternative host and wire data types
** Added API calls for DC offset correction
** Added API calls for IQ balance correction
## 003.003.002
* N2x0:
** Fixed TX daughterboard clocking mode
* B100:
** Tweaks for ordering of FPGA resets
* Misc:
** Device adder can parse empty values
** Updated syntax in udev rules file
** Corrections to images documentation
** Performance tweak for tx_waveforms example
** Handle EINTR on select() w/ udp transport
** Minor fixes for compiling on FreeBSD
## Release 003.003.001
* B100/E1x0:
** Fixed VCO bounds checking on flexible clocking
* B100:
** Fixed discovery throwing when device claimed
## 003.003.000
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Incremented firmware image compat number to 11.0
** Re-implement internal GPSDO UART control
* E1x0:
** New GPMC/FPGA bus implementation
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 6
** Incremented module compat number to 3
** Added support for E110
** Added support for E100r4
* B100:
** Added support for B100
* USRP1:
** Re-implement LibUSB data transport
* Misc:
** Normalise time_spec for negative fractional seconds
* Gen2:
** Fix DSP rate selection clipping for very low rates
## 003.002.004
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Resize all socket buffers (multi-channel)
* N2x0:
** Gracefully handle missing GPSDO
* USRP1:
** Fix bug with order of deconstructors
** Fix zero length send padding on commit
* XCVR2450:
** Fix LO locking at marginal frequencies
* WBX:
** Fix TX gain readback value on v3 board
* Gen2:
** Fix bounds checking on stream num samps
** Fix error using PPS_NEG in clock config
## 003.002.003
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Fix uninitialized variable for multi-board case
** Fix deconstructor throwing on device disconnect
** Incremented FPGA image compat number to 7.3
** Populated sensors property (fixed error in init)
* FPGA (gen2):
** Adjust RX DC offset correction time constant
** Restore calibration path in RX/TX frontend
* Misc:
** MB EEPROM burner workaround for compiler bugs
** Clip the reported tune range to the dboard bandwidth
** Preserve bands when calculating overall tune range
## 003.002.002
* USRP2/N2x0:
** Always resize socket send buffer to SRAM size
** Incremented FPGA image compat number to 7.2
** Incremented firmware image compat number to 10.4
* N2x0:
** GPSDO control tweak for some devices
** Fix for erasure logic in rare bricking cases
* E100:
** Fix RX run state for GPIOs controlled by ATR
* USRP1:
** Fix for multi-channel streaming
** Fix to support 0 RX or 0 TX DSPs
* SBX:
** Corrected lower limit on frequency range
* FPGA (gen2):
** Reset CIC decimator on start of burst
* Misc:
** Fix send to return zero on empty packets
** Perform version check on liborc
## 003.002.001
* USRP2/N-Series:
** Firmware fix to shutoff streaming when socket unreachable
** Incremented firmware image compat number to 10.3
## 003.002.000
* USRP2/N-Series:
** Incremented FPGA image compat number to 7.1
** Incremented firmware image compat number to 10.2
** Removed mimo_mode device addr argument
** Support for rev4 N2XX motherboards
* USRP-E100:
** Removed the need for clock recovery
** Incremented FPGA image compat number to 5
** Incremented kernel module compat number to 2
** Added support for dual receive DSPs
** Async messages independent from RX path
* WBX:
** Support for rev3 daughterboards
** Rounding fix for LO tuning error
* Packet handler:
** Overall performance improvements
** Timestamps for packet fragments
** Overflow message on dropped packets
* Conversion:
** Optional liborc conversion support
** SSE2 conversion alignment performance
** SSE2 conversion for complex doubles
* Windows:
** Performance improvements for UDP send
* Misc:
** Code reorganization with property tree
** Calibration support in gen2 FPGAs
## 003.001.002
* N-Series:
** Fix UART communication for GPSDO
* XCVR2450:
** Fix for descontructor throwing on hardware disconnect
## 003.001.001
* USRP1:
** Fixed lock up in logging facility under MSVC
* USRP2/N-Series:
** Handle exceptions thrown in device locker loop
** Connected internal GPSDO PPS signal in FPGA
** Keep mixers on between bursts to maintain phase offsets
## 003.001.000
* USRP2/N-Series:
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 6
** Incremented firmware compat number to 10
** Created all-in-one bootloader for N-series
** Lock open devices per process
** USRP N-Series internal GPSDO Support
** Discovery works with out-of-date images
** Net and card burner: python 3.0 support
** Net burner: tkinter + windows thread fix
** Card burner: device selection validation
* USRP-E100:
** Incremented FPGA compat number to 4
** FPGA VRT packet framer correct length
** Fix auxiliary ADC read back for AD9862
** Sync TX and RX daughterbord clocks
** Fix daughterboard clock rates after re-clock event
* USRP1:
** Fix TX under remainder conditions
** Fixed RX multi-channel mapping
* Daughterboards:
** Added support for TVRX2 daughterboard
** Added support for SBX daughterboard
** Added support for WBX granddaughterboards
** Application notes for sensors and IF
* Windows:
** MinGW and Cygwin support (thanks Don)
** Fix calling convention on libusb callbacks
* Misc:
** Added logging and messaging facilities
** Deprecated API in utils/warning.hpp
** Fixed race condition in device discovery/factory
## 003.000.001
* RFX400: fix for transmit capability
* USRP1: fix for axillary ADC read
* Windows: statically link libusb
* Windows: install dll into runtime path
* Linux: automatically set LIB_SUFFIX on rh-64 systems
* USRP-E100: fix - set FPGA tick rate on re-clock event
* build: various work on build system
* build: include FPGA and firmware images in installers
## 003.000.000
Initial (formal) release, no changes to mention.