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A Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin
Branch: api-7
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MagiBridge Logo

MagiBridge logo, made by fcpwiz

MagiBridge, by Eufranio

MagiBridge is a Sponge plugin that creates a Discord <-> Minecraft chat bridge, forwarding messages from/to both sides, through JDA and supported chat plugins.

How to MagiBridge:

  1. Go to and create a new App

  2. Scroll down and click on "Create a Bot User"

  3. Reveal the Token and copy-paste it into the bot-token="..." field in the config/magibridge/MagiBridge.conf file

  4. Create a new Discord Server. It will have a #general channel. You can create other channels.

  5. Add the bot to your server: Find the Client ID of the new App, and replace the CLIENTID in the following link with your bot's client ID in (for example, if you bot's Client ID is 168682538028630017, your link would be, select Your Server from the drop-down menu, and Authorize. You must have the Manage Server permission to add a bot to a server!

  6. On Server Settings, in Roles, create a New Role named e.g. "bot", give it the Manage Channels permission, and in Members grant your Bot that role.

  7. Enable Discord Developer Mode and copy-paste the channel ID you want to use into the main-discord-channel=" "

  8. Make sure you have the compatibility features enabled and properly configured in MagiBridge.conf for Nucleus, UltimateChat and Boop if you're using them

  9. Configure the rest of the stuff you want and reload the plugin/start the server

  10. Profit


  • Link Nucleus/UltimateChat channels to discord channels (sends messages from the in-game chat to discord and vice versa)
  • Link as many UltimateChat channels you want
  • Sends server start/stop messages to Discord
  • Respects Nucleus' staff channel (forward chat from it only to the discord staff channel and vice versa)
  • Run console commands from Discord (by default, !cmd ), if you have the defined Discord role
  • Sends join/quit messages to Discord
  • Includes a player count command (by default, !online). It will show you a nice list of players online
  • Per-channel message format override: you can set different message templates for every channel you want
  • Adds the /mb that sends a raw message to a specific channel using the bot. Admin only! (the permission is magibridge.admin.broadcast)
  • Respects the channels the bot is listening for the !online and console commands
  • Updates the channel topic with info like the server TPS, online player count, uptime and etc every second
  • Sends achievement get messages to Discord
  • Sends death messages to Discord
  • Supports getting the player's prefix in messages
  • Supports Webhooks: if enabled, instead a bot sending the messages, webhooks will. They will have the player's skin and name. Try it out!
  • AFK messages: send messages on AFK events to Discord!

Note: almost all messages and/or commands are completely translatable/modifiables. You can change them by modifying the message string of the message in the config!


  • magibridge.silentjoin - doesn't trigger a join message when the player joins the server
  • magibridge.silentquit - doesn't trigger a quit message when the player leaves the server
  • magibridge.everyone - allow the player to use @everyone on messages sent to Discord
  • magibridge.admin.broadcast - allows the use of the /mb <channel> <message> command to send messages to Discord
  • (granted by default) - allows messages from the player to be sent to Discord
  • magibridge.mention (granted by default) - allows players to mention discord users

Supported plugins:

UltimateChat, from FabioZumbi12, Nucleus, from dualspiral


You can add MagiBridge to your workspace by using Jitpack:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.Eufranio:MagiBridge:api-7-SNAPSHOT'

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

If you're searching for the API, take a look in the Developers Wiki page.

Planned support:

None, suggest one if you want in the Issues tab =)


You can download MagiBridge from the releases tab.

Issues / Suggestions

You can suggest additions or report issues by creating a ticket in the Issues tab, and I'll try to fix it asap.

Support me!

If you like the plugin, consider donating via PayPal to

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