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Commits on May 31, 2008
Commits on Jan 8, 2008
  1. Added #fill_inputs to helpers

    Yurii Rashkovskii authored
  2. `lu' is because it is a li_lu_ partial (thanks to David Chelimsky

    Yurii Rashkovskii authored
    for this idea for naming this shortcut)l
  3. README with fill_inputs snippet added

    Yurii Rashkovskii authored
  4. embedded_partial and self_embedded_partial

    Yurii Rashkovskii authored
    There kinds of partials extract HTML to be processed from original
    template element:
    embedded_partial allows to render any element of document with specified
    Lilu partial instruction (_name_of_partial.lilu):
    update('#header-from').with embedded_partial('#header-from',"header_from",:locals => { :name => @name})
    self_embedded_partial renders selected element:
    update('#header-from').with self_embedded_partial("header_from",:locals => { :name => @name})
    it also works with multiple elements:
    update(:all,'.header-from').with self_embedded_partial("header_from",:locals => { :name => @name})
  5. erb.html extension is back available

    Yurii Rashkovskii authored
    this extension is used for mixing erb and lilu (sometimes it could
    be quite useful)
  6. Lilu works fine with Rails 2.0.2 now

    Yurii Rashkovskii authored
    Template handling is simplified so far, but I am not
    really sure it will work with older Rails versions
  7. Initial source code imported

    Yurii Rashkovskii authored
    I've missed network connectivity in Stavanger-Oslo train,
    so I was not able to sync svn revisions :)
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